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SAVA tires at Mopedwarehouse-rated 62mph!  Donald Ruggles
 Aug 15, 2002 00:01 PDT 
Hi,All! I had been looking for a heavier duty moped tire for quite a
while and I had overlooked the obvious at www.mopedwarehouse.com
.....You see,I carry a lot of weight and travel up to 45mph and all I
had was the lighter duty Cheng Shins which only rate to 30mph.The Sava
moped tire is rated to 62mph(I will run the normal tread design,not the
slick design) and I'll feel better when I get one of those on the
rear,where most of the weight is. This is a similar rating to the tires
that came on the heavier Honda C70 Passport which would easily carry 2
average sized people.I will probably keep running the Cheng Shins on the
front until I wear out the few that i still have.But I've always worried
about the rear tire at those speeds with a gross weight of 400-450lbs.
on my Sebring. Just thought I would pass this along as I was so happy to
find these heavier duty tires for my `peace of mind'.If you're
interested call Chris at 1-877-268-6909. don-ohio (:)
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