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 Nov 28, 2002 04:45 PST 
I'm not sure what happened to my Tomos. The shop said the engine seized,
maybe no oil. But I always topped the oil and even used synthetic oil which
they recommended. Maybe the oil pump failed. I have checked on the web. A
new top end is still available from Tomos, about a $200 repair.
It has been weeks now for me to get a definitive report from them. Moped
Hospital. They say here in Key West after 4-5 years, the engine bolts
usually fuse from the heat and salt water and it becomes impossible to pull
the head.
In the past years I have used them for service and they have been good but
they are dragging their feet on this Tomos. I have two Targas so I am not
stuck without transportation.
But I would like to get this unit fixed. I like the Tomos Targas. I think
they may be a little bit safer then all the scooters with small wheels that
we see here in Key West.
I have seen your web site! More power to you for going cross country on a
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Motor for Tomos Targa
By manonb-@webtv.net
From: manonb-@webtv.net (round about)
Subject: Motor for Tomos Targa
Here is the post I am responding to...
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 10:24:32 -0500
From: "Robert Tollen" <lov2-@bellsouth.net>
I need a motor for a Tomos Targa.
What happened to the first one?btw. somewhere ther was a Tomos website a
long time ago with e-mail addresses that seemed valid , but would yeild
no response. Tomos America is in Spartanburg SC.There are some shops in
Florida and one in Oh and 2 in Jersey that specialise in Tomos.
Websearch my friend Websearch...
see photos of my long distance moped trip
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