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FL requirements  RT
 Feb 26, 2003 06:29 PST 
I believe that in FL a valid drivers license is required to operate a moped
or scooter 49 cc or less however no motorcycle endorsement is required or
needed. No insurance is required either.
I am in Key West, and I daily drive a Tomos Targa as my vehicle. I can tell
you mopeds and scooters can be very dangerous, especially when mixed with
alcohol, inexperience, and youthful bravado.
A 33 yo man just died recently in Miami shock trauma as he was involved in a
crash here in KW and flown up there. Alcohol was involved. He illegally
tried to pass a car. We usually have a death or two a year from scooter and
moped accidents. There are many lesser accidents on a daily or almost daily
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