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Moped/Scooter repair project  Matthew Cordes
 Sep 03, 2003 15:28 PDT 
Hi all,
I drive a 2001 Honda Elite SR, but I'd love something a little more beefy
with a little more style. I think spending the winter months restoring an
older style scooter or moped would be a lot of fun. Can anyone point me
to some Vespa/Lambretta (other?) restoration sites, personal stories, shop
manuals, gotchas, or anything else of the sort? I'm looking for any and
all info you can send me: engine/system repair as well as painting tips
(my buddy is an artist and I think I've talked him into painting it for
Also, I'm wondering what I can expect to pay for a vintage scooter in
reasonably good shape (corroded body, working engine, possibly working
electrical system). I live in Maine so shipping will probably be a
necessity as well. Anyone have any experience in this realm?
The only moped repair I've done in the past has been tinkering with an
old Puch which has seen better days so any advice you might have would be
greatly appreciated.
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