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Re: Moped/Scooter repair project  MacDo-@aol.com
 Sep 03, 2003 18:52 PDT 
Over the last few years I have bought 10 mopeds in various state of disrepair
from literal cardboard box cases to showroom complete Motobecane with 25
years of dust, rotted tires, varnish in the gas tank and a rusty chain which were
all easy fixes and is one of the finest mopeds I own.   Not all projects were
completely successful, however.   I found that the project success depended on
the availability of parts at a reasonable price. The four Honda Spree
scooters were all quite successful projects because parts were readily available at a
motorcycle salvage yard.   Two of these were disassembled boxes of parts and
a third was sold as a parts scooter because of the poor condition. None of
these would be running if I had to pay Honda dealer prices for new parts,
although some dealer parts like new rings were necessary.   On the other hand the
cheapest I bought, a $20 1979 Motobecane has been a disaster because after $150
in parts it is still a poor runner, weak breaks, bad tires and not worth more
than $50 on a good day.
Bottom line, if the parts are available for a reasonable price the project
can be a lot of fun.   If parts are available at dealer prices, make sure there
are not too many missing.   I passed on a Harley moped because it needed too
many parts that I just new I would never find.   I left that one to a
professional.   The 4 cycle Indian moped I passed up was a mistake but I already had
too many projects.
I have two motorcycles from the early '80 also but I still get a moped out
for a fun ride.
I hope you find a project or three, starting with a Spree could be good
experience and huge demand when you decide to sell and move to a more challenging
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