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Airborne objects in traffic  round about
 May 30, 2004 09:55 PDT 
   I think it is much more likely that a mopedist might be the target
of a thrown object while riding a moped than as an occupant of an auto.
   I have been targeted while riding a bicycle and my PED. I have
traveled tens of thousands of miles on two wheelers and have been struck
by such objects as a very cold egg, a hairbrush, soft drink in a paper
cup,glass fragments from a beer bottle thrown to the pavement from
behind by the passenger of an auto in motion. I had a near miss already
once this season from an unknown object hurled at dusk that I returned
to investigate but could not locate among the roadside debris at that
   I would urge all riders to beware of cars that pass then stop then
start up as soon as you pass them. That is a common M.O. for the thrown
object attack.    I have also had people do a U turn to pursue me for an
unprovoked attack. I also was nudged in city traffic by a car bearing
four teens.They actually collided softly with my leg as I was doing
almost top speed then turned onto a side street and taunted me.I believe
thay wanted to rob me of the PED.
   Always watch for opening doors of parked cars even if no ones head is
present in the passenger compartment. It might be a child.
   Oh, and of course there is the ever present right turn artist who
will totally disregard you and turn right in front of you just after
passing and without a thought of signaling! Be careful of this when next
to a semi-trailer truck at a stoplight. I was nearly clobbered by rear
trailer wheels when the light turned green.
   One last thing to mention is things flung by tire action. Cars
leaving gravel are the most common offenders. Those little pebbles can
bruise a knuckle.I always wear safety glasses.They cut down on
bugs,dust,and grass clippings getting in my eyes too.
see photos of my long distance moped trip
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