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Re: Airborne objects in traffic  THOMAS KELLEY
 May 31, 2004 04:45 PDT 
Great post.Sorry about the mishaps,but there are many non-caring
ignorant people out on the road with us.One hint! NEVER ride ,or stop at
the sides of a truck or directly behind one.That is the drivers "blind
spot"..If you cannot see the driver in his mirrors,he cannot see you.
either/ither........Happy,and be safe riding..Tom   K       Waiting for
a starter for my 1988 Honda 50 Elite SB50P scooter.,,,,,$66.00
used,,,,$128.99 new   Ouchhhh
May your day be blessed.
N. P. J. F.           F.R.O.G.           P.U.S.H.
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