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 Robert Tollen
 Sep 29, 2004 06:52 PDT 
The embargo hurts the populace, the average person, not the people in power.
Many are suffering terribly just 90 miles from our shores.
I wonder if we have killed more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein did, up to now?
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By TOMKE-@webtv.net
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 18:07:21 -0500
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To whom it may concern or not,
   I believe we in the USA are still imposing a trade embargo with Cuba
that has been in effect since the 1960's. This would most certainly
include technical information on any machinery more complicated that a
   If I am wrong and this embargo has been softened or lifted then
technical information about a moped might be an appropriate gesture to
an individual such as a medical doctor who might improve his practice
with the mobility a functioning moped would produce.
   Unfortunately I have no knowledge of present embargo status or the
specific moped.
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:46:54 -0400
From: TOMKE-@webtv.net (THOMAS KELLEY)
Don't see what it would hurt!
May your day be blessed.
N. P. J. F.           F.R.O.G.           P.U.S.H.
In America,anyone can be President;that is one of the risks you take !
(Adlai Stevenson 1900-1965)
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