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I too have a Targa : )  round about
 Nov 15, 2004 04:20 PST 
   I too have a Tomos Targa. Mine is in pretty good shape. It has rarely
been ridden in wet conditions. I have gone over it recently
disassembling and cleaning it.
   I have a problem that others might have some evperience with. I have
a transmission fluid leak. It exits the seam but I am thinking after
seeing it disassembled that the main bearing might have a faulty seal.
It is truely a mess yet better since I thoroughly cleaned the old ATF
and its grit from the gear chamber. It is still dripping and I don't
want to ride it till it stops leaking or I will have the same 4 hour
cleanup job to do again.
Does anyone have a hint on how to go about this bearing seal job. I
got a video tape from the library about it but literally fell asleep
watching it the first time.
see photos of my long distance moped trip
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