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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:01:21
Subject: Re: Oh man!
From: Charles Fregeau
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Illinois made things easy. Anything under 150 cc gets the same plate, anyway, so
they can catch you with no plate. I used to live in Arkansas. Supposedly they
had to have a plate, but I never saw one on a moped. In Nevada, I understand no
plate is required. Michigan uses a 2 year sticker. Ohio now uses the same
plate for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, and apparently Indiana does the same
thing. I've been trying to match up state web site pronouncements against
www.moped2.org and some other information I have available.

Charles R

Scott Corsaro wrote:

> I don't know man. I have peded in Califonia for a long time. peding was
> forgoten 30 years ago by califonia. For any state I am sure you could get
> away with never getting pulled over as long as you ride safely, wear a
> helmet, have a licence plate, have a valid driveres licence, and make sure
> all your lights work. States that require a motorcycle licence rarely
> inforce that law on a moped rider. Just because I don't follow the rules to
> a T, does not make me rotten.
> > Scott Corsaro
> 858.625.0010 x57
> www.fonecam.com
> > My original post was written to get moped riders to look at legalitites
> > and where they they stood with the law and their moped operation. If
> > you are going to break the laws,at least know them and that they do
> > exisit .You may just meet a lawman or judge who does know them,and
> > that is your problem.Please don't make it look as all moped riders are
> > rotten,just because a few are. TOM K
> > > > >

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