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Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 00:06:25
Subject: Re: what is the most miles
From: Marko
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>>I know a guy who has a '90 Tomos A35l. It went six years without ANY major
>>work done and made over 40000 km from '90 to '96. Probably because it was
>>bought still crated and fortunatelly the dealer "service" shop never
> >I'd love to see the oil coming out of that bike..
>Obviously, you had some bad experiences with your dealer. Do you think this
>lack of expertise is common for ALL dealers throughout the world?
>Any moped -or any other machine- needs maintenance. For most people it is
>best to bring it to a dealer to have this done. Dealers in Europe are well
>educated, and don't mess around with things they should leave.

This is true in one aspect- if the moped owner doesn't know anything about
the machine he has. Don't be mistaken, maintenance was done on this moped,
and we both know maintenance chores are pretty easy on mopeds, if you don't
mess with the engine internals. Sure it needs a 1st resize after a while,
but everything else is pretty endurable, provided the moped is left in
original factory state (e.g. not tuned or modified in any way) and if the
owner follows the User's manual.
No, I haven't had any bad experiences with any dealer, because my mopeds
have yet to see one.. The important thing to realise here is that no dealer
will service any moped with such care as his owner, simply because it's not
I'm not saying that people who don't know anything about maintenance should
fiddle with their mopeds, I'm saying that those who know the stuff (like my
friend there..) can easily service it without the help of a dealer (provided
they have the factory special tools or a good home-made substitute).
And please, don't generalize that every dealer in Europe is smart. What may
be true for the Netherlands, isn't exactly accurate for the situation here
in Slovenia. There are some good ones as are some bad ones. This applies all
around the world.

>>I did about 15000 km on my '89 A5 before I crashed it, and when I bought
>>used it already had around 8000 km.
> >These are normal mileages for any Tomos.

I know. The man was asking if they can go over 8000..

>It should not be necessary to work on the engine before 30.000 Km, but
>sometimes even the workers in the Tomos factory screw up. Especially the
>clutches and crankshaft seals are known to cause trouble every now and

Really? I didn't know that.. Please send me the details and I'll contact the
head of the Tomos service department about it. No one mentioned there were
problems in the assembly. Are you talking about Tomos Nederland assembled
mopeds or Tomos Koper produced mopeds? And also, if anyone in this moped
list experienced a factory mistake on his Tomos, please let me know.

>>If you want a moped to last, do all of the regular maintenance by yourself
>>and never ever mess with the engine. Mopeds like it that way I guess.
> >I think this only applies to people who are knowledgeable enough to do
>their own maintenance.
>During the time I have worked as a moped mechanic, I have seen things
>assembled backwards, upside down, left out and piled up in boxes and
>In short, mopeds don't like tampered around with by people who do not
>understand what they're doing, be it a so-called dealer or a self-made
>mechanical genius..

Right on!

Bye, Marko

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