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Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 14:13:08
Subject: Re: what is the most miles
From: Hans Hartman
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Hello Marko,
At 00:06 22-7-00 -0700, you wrote:

>>>I know a guy who has a '90 Tomos A35l. It went six years without ANY major
>>>work done and made over 40000 km from '90 to '96. Probably because it was
>>>bought still crated and fortunatelly the dealer "service" shop never

>This is true in one aspect- if the moped owner doesn't know anything about
>the machine he has. Don't be mistaken, maintenance was done on this moped,
>and we both know maintenance chores are pretty easy on mopeds, if you don't
>mess with the engine internals. Sure it needs a 1st resize after a while,

When is that resize due in your experience?

>fiddle with their mopeds, I'm saying that those who know the stuff (like my
>friend there..) can easily service it without the help of a dealer (provided
>they have the factory special tools or a good home-made substitute).

Of course any moron can drain the oil of the engine, and replace it.

>And please, don't generalize that every dealer in Europe is smart. What may
>be true for the Netherlands, isn't exactly accurate for the situation here
>in Slovenia. There are some good ones as are some bad ones. This applies all
>around the world.

Of course you're right there. I have seen some professional screw-ups over
here too in my time.
But these are vary rare compared to the screw-ups I have encountered done
by people who think they're knowledgeable enough to work on mopeds.
Car-mechanics are the worst to talk with, these guys really think that
changing oil-filters, batteries and exhaustpipes on cars makes them experts
on mopeds too.
A dealer has had an education working on mopeds, and is kept up-to-date by
factory training and technical reviews.

How do you determine for yourself that you're up to the job you plan to do?
In my experience a hobbyist does this by trial and error, which can be
pretty costly.

>>>used it already had around 8000 km.
>> >>These are normal mileages for any Tomos.
> >I know. The man was asking if they can go over 8000..
> >>It should not be necessary to work on the engine before 30.000 Km, but
>>sometimes even the workers in the Tomos factory screw up. Especially the
>>clutches and crankshaft seals are known to cause trouble every now and
> >Really? I didn't know that.. Please send me the details and I'll contact the
>head of the Tomos service department about it. No one mentioned there were

You didn't?
Well, let me fill you in on some of the problems encountered during my career; Over here, we do replace oil-seals pretty often, because they are pressed
out of their fittings in the engine.
The clutches are better now, but there was a period (1992-1996) where it
was pretty common for the linings came of the clutch shoes.
The clutch had the tendency to rattle very loud, which made the Tomos sound
like a little diesel engine.
Then in 1994 Bing carburettors were used instead of the Dellorto SHA, which
was a downright disaster. These were replaced by the factory (or importer,
Fortunately, the old SHA is back now, but not placed on top of the engine
anymore, thank god.
In this same period, we encountered troubles with the IDM ignition used.
We replaced a lot of coils back then.
The ISKRA ignition used later is much better. The latest one (star-shaped)
is the best yet, no trouble there.
Another problem with ignition was the contact breakers in the old models,
which would get stuck.
We replaced those with Bosch points (217 013 025).
In the same years, the reed-valve rubber tended to thicken in the gas
mixture, which resulted in a partly opened reed-valve.
The centre stands used up until 1999 were very easily bend.

The only thing that keeps coming back in our workshop, still is the
oil-seal problem.
The new imitation Magura handles really aren't up to the standard the
Magura's were; the levers break very easy.

>problems in the assembly. Are you talking about Tomos Nederland assembled
>mopeds or Tomos Koper produced mopeds? And also, if anyone in this moped
>list experienced a factory mistake on his Tomos, please let me know.

I do not know if the engines are assembled in the Netherlands too, the
framework rarely has problems.
The problems encountered mostly were not because of wrong assembly, more a
bad choice of components.

>>In short, mopeds don't like tampered around with by people who do not
>>understand what they're doing, be it a so-called dealer or a self-made
>>mechanical genius..
> >Right on!

I think we do understand each other in the basic consensus, but your
posting could lead people to think the dealer really is not the place to be
for maintenance, and I can't say I agree with that.

To be honest though, I never ever bring my two-wheelers to any dealer too.
But this really has a more economical reason then any other.

Cheers and happy maintenance,

Hans Hartman

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