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Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 01:33:35
Subject: [RE: Inconsistent '85 Spree]
From: Sayla Keeble
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The srcews on the carb will affect proformance cos if you
have to much of one and not enough of the other it will run
shit,If they work on the same princple as car carbs do both
screws up in till the engine cuts out and then give them both
a quater turn the other way and that should be about it but
they may need a little adjustment after but only a fraction.
As for your spark plug it sounds like your fuel/oil mix is to
strong,this may also affect power.
good luck hope this helps.

Sayla Keeble

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My '85 Spree was bogging right at the 25 mph mark. Ran strong up
to 25, then it would hickup. But after some random tinkering
with the carb, and REMOVING the dirty air filter, the thing shot
up to 35 mph. But now after I put in a brand new air filter, I
can USUALLY max around 32-33 mph, but occasionally still
experience bogging.

My questions: 1)Are the screws (air/fuel) on the carb just for
idle adjustments, or do they affect overall performance? 2) I
occasionally get a backfire around 25 mph, what can this be a
symptom of? 3) Should I just be happy with the 32-33 max WITH air
filter, or should I eventually be able to get back up to 35 mph
like i was getting WITHOUT the filter? 4)The Scooter usually
starts/idles strong, but sometimes after idling for a 5-10
minutes, it will sputter and die, how come?

I also notice my plug fouls constantly. Every time I check it,
it's covered in black. It's brand new, and I clean it each time,
but should I buy another one? What would cause this?


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