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Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 07:10:47
Subject: Tomos Mopeds 1995 to 2000 do not a a Electronic rev limiter in the CDI
From: StevesMoped@aol.com
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You wrote:Date: 10/7/00 2:33:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: twowheelers@mailandnews.com (Marko)
You have two options: either purchasing a new unrestricted CDI (Tomos AT
motorcycle CDI unit is compatible with star-shaped A35 moped magnetos) or
installing the old ignition type (<1995) with contact breakers, which would
probably be cheaper.

We have had several changes with ignition systems being switched and
substituted in the factory without our knowledge. When assembling some new
mopeds we called there importer and asked some questions about the new
ignition systems and they did not even know of the change until we called.
Here our in shop and test riding results.
We responded to the restricted CDI (electronic module) as our hand held
tachometer which counts the spark pulses directly at the spark plug and our
direct connection in dash tachometer show no evidence of electronic
restriction in the CDI unit. On some of our highly modified mopeds we install
a cycle computer which used a magnetic pick up that is epoxy to the front
wheel and a pick up counts pulses as the wheel turns. It is digitally
calibrated and reads up to 99 MPH. It also calculates speed, time, distance,
average speed maximum speed and more. We also used the old drive along with
someone in a car method. We are not looking for 100% accuracy but can tell
you these mopeds are performing well. With each modification the RPM and top
speed is dramatically increasing and you don't need a gauge to tell you that.
At Steve's Moped all of the Tomos A35 mopeds that we have worked on with CDI
do not show any signs of an electronic rev limiter in the CDI module or
ignition system. You clearly stated that the CDI has a rev limiter in it. We
are always very interested in any technical information but have not seen any
evidence of an electronic revlimiter in the CDI. We work on a large volume of
mopeds and our employees also do a lot of experimental modification on there
own mopeds. If we had to change the CDI along with other modifications the
cost would be too high.
Best regards:
The Parts and Service Department
Steve's Moped & Bicycle World Inc.
40 Park Avenue Dumont NJ 07628
Main Mega Store: ph(201)384-7777 fAX(201)384-7831
Dumont Store Hours: Mon. and Fri. 10:30am-7pm Tues. & Thurs. Till 8pm
Wed. till 5pm Sat. 9:30 to 5pm E-MAIL MOPEDMOPED@AOL.COM

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