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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 21:42:53
Subject: Re: Tomos Mopeds 1995 to 2000 do not a a Electronic rev limiter in the CDI
From: StevesMoped@aol.com
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In a message dated 10/12/00 2:23:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
twowheelers@mailandnews.com writes:
<< I have seen the dash tachometer on your website, it only counts up to 8000.
Which brings an interesting question of how you were able to measure the RPM
over 8000 under load e.g. when driving- when you measured it with the hand
held, did you just rev it up on the stand, or did you actually drive the
thing around? >>
If there is a rev limiter in the CDI ignition module how would the module
know if the kickstand is up or down? Is there a rev limiter switch in the
kick stand? (I am just kidding) On friendly note this subject is getting a
little silly. We use the hand held tachometer to check and calibrate the trim
potentiometer if necessary actual 18,000 rpm tach. The mopeds perform as
stated as we have sold thousands of them. Our employee Dan Zikerman drives
his 70cc Tomos every day. We know mopeds inside and out 55+ hours every week
for over 25 years. We experience actual use and abuse of all mopeds on a
daily basis. I look for results from a product, our customers too. Proven
actual performance is what we get on the road. Ask the Tomos technical
department why for 2000 they stopped supplying the flexible shaft turn
signals mounted to a metal bracket and now have all plastic turn signals
mounted directly to the plastic on the front faring. If you hit the front
turn signal slightly you crack the faring and the signal, a major expense.
Finally after 6 months we see a small metal bracket to brace the faring and
turn signal bracket.
The 8,000 rpm tachometer on the web page does not work on Tomos mopeds. We
supply a better quality 18,000 rpm tachometer in it's place that works great
with a higher visibility markings as members on this list have stated. I will
give the person who maintains our web page lots of new information and
updates in the next couple of weeks. Now we can talk a little on this list as
in season it was almost impossible just to keep up with normal business. As
people on this list are actually tell you the tachometer works fine, just
installing a Bi-turbo and our jet kit can get you 40 mph. With a full 70cc
kit, re-jetting and a gear change these bikes are braking 50 mph no problem.
This is proven testimonials from moped owners on the list. What most people
are looking for is the increase in torque and acceleration. If some heavier
riders wants the extra hill climbing capability and to be able to get out of
the way of traffic the 70cc works great but they are never interested in
going flat out full speed as mopeds are recommended for transportation. But
some enthusiast as a hobbyist like Dan and myself like to push mechanical
things as far as they can go and eventually find there limit. It's a lot less
expensive than race cars. Enjoy your hobby and ride safe. Best regards:
The Parts and Service Department
Steve's Moped & Bicycle World Inc.
40 Park Avenue Dumont NJ 07628
Main Mega Store: ph(201)384-7777 fAX(201)384-7831
Dumont Store Hours: Mon. and Fri. 10:30am-7pm Tues. & Thurs. Till 8pm
Wed. till 5pm Sat. 9:30 to 5pm E-MAIL MOPEDMOPED@AOL.COM

Smaller Satalite Store:
Also Steve's Moped World 2427 Bridge Ave. Point Plesant NJ 08742 (732)295-4200
Call Ponint Pleasant for hours. (closed mondays and open sundays)

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