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Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 12:26:12
Subject: Re: Sparta Buddy
From: wil lie
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What are the requirements for operating mopeds, scooters, bicycles with
motors attached and "go-peds" in New York State?
The Vehicle and Traffic Law calls low-speed, two or three wheeled
vehicles "limited use motorcycles," but most people call them "mopeds."
Mopeds must be registered and you must have a driver's license to drive
one on streets and highways. With the exceptions noted in the table
below, operating requirements are similar to regular motorcycles.
Whether registered or not, a moped may not be operated on sidewalks.
So-called "go-peds," motor-assisted skateboards, bicycles to which
motors have been attached and other uncertified devices may not be
registered and may not be driven on public streets, highways or
sidewalks under any circumstances.
Certified limited use motorcycles are registered as Class A, B or C
based on top speed as certified by the manufacturer. A particular model
of limited use motorcycle must be certified by DMV before it may be
registered in New York. The manufacturer requests certification through
DMV's Technical Services Bureau, and DMV offices have lists of certified
To register your moped, bring the following to your local DMV:
Completed form MV-82, "Registration/Title Application"
Completed form DTF-802, sales tax form or proof of exemption or payment.
Proof of ownership, usually the manufacturer's statement of origin, a
bill of sale or a previous registration signed over to you.
Proof of identification.
Registration and plate fee, and sales tax if due.

Guide to Limited Use Motorcycle Requirements
Determined by Speed Range
Over 30 mph
to 40 mph
Over 20 mph to
30 mph
20 mph or less
License/Permit Required
Class M/MJ*
Any Class *
Any Class*
Registration Required?
Headlight on When Operating?
Helmet & Eye Protection Required?
May Operate On
Any Traffic Lane
Right Hand Lane or Shoulder Only **
Insurance Required?
Inspection Required?
Title Required?
* Learner permit restrictions apply to all permit classes. Junior
operator restrictions apply to class DJ and MJ permits and licenses. See
Learner Permits and Junior Licenses.** Except when making a left turn***
Class C moped used in a rental business must be insured.

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