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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 06:21:27
Subject: Re: HELP! My Puch Is Dying
From: Peter Staal
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Normal maintenance implies every 10.000-20.000 km a de-coaling operation.
Cleaning out carbon build up in cylinder head, ports and exhaust...This
varies a lot depending on good timing adjustment, mix quality and mix rate ,
use and design of the moped. some seem to have no carbon build up at all,
some clogg in a month of normal use.. as soon as your exhaust gets 'weighty'
(or stops sounding hollow when hit with a piece of metal) it is time for
In some cases the damping/ isolation material in the damper gets soaked with
coal, you can only removed or replaced. decoaling is impossible here.

If you have the nerves to drive a ride w/o the exhaust (keep first pipe on
the cylinder) you will see why you have an exhaust :). Not only for your and
others ears.... If you have a good tuned (original) moped it runs a lot
slower w/o the expansion chamber and damper.... if it is faster w/o an
exhaust, it is a poor design (exhaust) and could better be replaced..

In some cases the exhaust sucks in some 'fresh air' beware to drive w/o pipe
on dusty ground this could ruin your ped!

Bye, Peter Staal

E-mail : staal@concepts.nl
Home: http://home.concepts.nl/~staal

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Verzonden: woensdag 12 april 2000 7:45
Onderwerp: Re: HELP! My Puch Is Dying

> I found out what the problem was with my Puch. It was a clogged
> pipe. After troubleshooting for hours, I realized that the person who
> it before me probably never maintained it, and in twenty years there would
> be a lot of carbon build-up. When I took off the exhaust pipe, it weighed
> about forty pounds. Then I heated up the thing inside it with a blow
> torch(after taking it out of the exhaust pipe), and knocked out all of the
> carbon and oil build-up. When I put it back on the bike, it ran like it
> new.
> I then went to my friend's house and he also has a Puch. For the heck
> it, we took off the exhaust pipe and it also weighed a lot. We heated it
> knocked out the carbon and oil, and it went about ten miles per hour
> From my observation, this must be a common moped problem, especially
> considering that most probably havn't been serviced since they were bought
> (usually the late seventies).
> If you own a moped, 1.) take off the exhaust pipe, 2.) take out that
> thing in the center, 3.) heat it up to almost red hot with a blow torch
> while handling it with some sort of pliers and, 4.) knock out the carbon
> deposits with a screw driver or something.
> By the way, if you feel like waking up all the neighbors take it for a
> spin without the muffler (WEAR EARPLUGS).
> Thankyou for all of the help and advice,
> ----JOHN-----
> list.
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