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Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 02:50:07
Subject: SV: Puch Monza
From: Jonas Einarsson
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Hi, I asked a few friends. And the thing that slows me down is
that they put a "plug" in the.. hmm.. english mopedterms again..
the hole where the engine sucks in fuel to the cylinder. I
think. "Insuget" in swedish :) But according to my friends that
plug is not very hard to get rid of, just drill it out or
something. And that 4speed 18,5mph, yes It sure feels very silly
to run through 4 gears just for reaching 18,5.. duh, thats why im
going to speed it up a little.. Im thinking of taking away that
plug, and some other things. After that it will go about
37-38mph, double speed. Its kind of illegal but what the heck :)
It is 50cc, if its over 50cc its not called moped in sweden.
Then its "light motorbike" and you have to get a special drivers
licence and stuff, and be at the age of 16. But since they
slowed it down to 18,5 mph its not using all that 50cc to the
max, which is kind of stupid..

And about that throttle limiter, its half-correct, its not limiting how far I can turn the gas handle, but when Im at full gas, that plug makes sure there is not as much fuel getting into the engine as it would be if you had that Monza in the US (or whatever) and maxed it.. So it is a throttle limiter on it, but not where you thought it was.

Anyways. thanks for your opinions!


> what is slowing you down could be a throttle limiter, which i doubt but it
> is worth looking. It is a little screw where your throttle cable goes in. it
> doesn't let it go all the way, thus, not letting the engine wind out, or,
> get to the highest rpm (revolution per min). that is the easiest way to
> limit the moped and that is the only thing i can think of off the top of my
> head. I have a question though for you. It is a four speed and they limit it
> to 18.5. that is ridiculus. if they are going to limit them, they should
> just make them one speed. also, u didn't mention how many cc this bike is.
> 50 or more??? let me know how u make out. good luck.
> > Mike
> > >From: Jonas Einarsson
> >Reply-To: moped@topica.com
> >To: moped@topica.com
> >Subject: Puch Monza
> >Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 05:53:28 -0700
> > > >Hi all.
> >I just took out an old Puch Monza, I live in sweden and I recently
> >celebrated my 15th birthday! (Its a 15 year limit at mopeddriving in
> >Sweden)
> >Anyways. Im not very good at mopeds, and there is some things I wonder
> >about the Puch Monza that I can't find on the internet.
> >The first Question is very basic (don't laugh at me, please.. or whatever.
> >do laugh.. then feel sorry for pathetic little me.. :P)
> >Its a 4-speed monza, dont know the year it was made. Dont have the manual
> >either. The gears is like: first down, and the rest up, in order. And the
> >"free" (non-gear, I dont know the word in english, sorry) is between the
> >first and second gear. Anyways, when I change gear it sometimes behave a
> >bit weird. It seems that depending on how hard or long I press the
> >"gearing-pedal" (Hmm, Im not any good at moped-talk in english..) it gears
> >all the way to neutral from the 3rd or 4th gear or something like that. Can
> >someone explain how to change gears (or rather, how it works, I just dont
> >get it)
> > > >Then, in Sweden, the speed limit for mopeds is 30 km/h (about 18,5 mph I
> >think) and when mopeds are imported they slow the mopeds down. Because most
> >mopeds are made to go faster. And when you make them go faster again, its
> >called "trimma" in swedish, dont know what it is in english (again) its
> >illegal, but what the heck :)
> >I need some tips on how to do that, make it go faster.. I dont really know
> >how to do, and my friends know how to do it on YamahaFS1 and such mopeds,
> >but noone knows how to do with Puch mopeds..
> > > >Thanks very much in advance.
> >And please excuse my poor english :)
> > > >/Jonas
> > > >list.
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