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Tuesday 05/04/99

Hello, everybody!

Well, it's been a long time, but Moped Mailing List is back online!
As you all know, no messages have been sent out since the end of
January. They've been queued up, but in the past few days my
provider has been acting really strange, so I am not sure whether
I'll be able to get to them.

The following changes have been made.

1) I now use provider with majordomo list software - main difference
is that commands are now sent in the body of the message, not the subject
as before.
Subscription requests are sent to majordomo@ilist.net Examples:
subscribe moped my@email.com
subscribe moped-digest my@email.com
unsubscribe moped my@email.com

More instructions can be found in mprimer.htm
2) The address for posting messages is now moped@ilist.net I will try to get old address moped@mlist.org to forward mail
automatically to new one - but it can take some time.

3) The list is no longer moderated. You may expect some decrease in
signal-to-noise ration, but on the plus side, messages will go
online within minutes.

Moped Mailing List Administrator