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About Moped Owners list

There is dual purpose to this list. First, it's to remind me (and others) that there are other people who like mopeds. They are the greatest thing on 2 wheels that I ever rode.

Second, this might help those who have questions - if you find somebody who has the same brand, he/she would probably be a good candidate to ask for help or simply share how great your moped is :) If you know of existing moped clubs, please email me the info. I also plan to help people form new clubs, so if you'd like to belong to one in your city, send me your name/email/moped/city/state and we'll start bringing moped riders together! (BTW, by 'moped' I also mean 50cc scooters and power-assisted bicycles).

Also, send me pics of your moped - I'll put them on the Web.

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