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xy107$600 jesse 12/1/2014kilnMS Add Comment   

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07 xy1 moped 150cc does 50mph. has broke fairing on left side, needs both brake levers. an d the cover that goes over battery. also open to trades or first cash offer takes it. its orange in color.
Sachs19782000700 Tiffany 11/11/2014LouisvilleKY Add Comment   

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Everything except the seat ha been in shed for 10yrs. nice looking ped.
Indian1980****350.00 Al 10/20/2014lapeerMI Add Comment   

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1980 indian moped, runs good needs a few things to be complete, speedo cable, battery, sid e covers, air filter, and decompression cable. other than those things its all there, perf ect seat no rips 350 obo
vespa grande1979800 firm kay 11/26/2013phoenixAZ Add Comment   

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1979 vespa grande starts and can test ride but needs the back wheel trued or replaced it h as a broken spoke but you can find one easy on ebay. .
Lance20101,700$700 Melissa Self 11/9/2013MesaAZ Add Comment   

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Great condition, looks new runs great. $1,699 brand new.
Tomos1986700 Brian 10/3/2013RichmondVA Add Comment   

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Selling my 1986 tomos a3 comes with size large helmet bike lock and gas container
solex roadrunner1975500 marc 9/25/2013north olmstedOH Add Comment   
Runs and rare ..dixie international they sold about 400 solex roadrunners. this all took p lace about 1975..it runs goes like 30mph needs kill switch hooked up and theres a small cr ack in plastic tank but it holds gas..parts are still available .has tool box with origina l tools..ya find that good luck..looks like everything is there.when`s the last time u had something they only made around 400...if anyone knows more about this moped let me know n ot much on the web.440-360-0397
Batavus1976935Best Offer John 9/5/2013finksburgMD Add Comment   

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I have a 1976 bavatus hs50 moped for sale. it is all original and in amazing condition. looks like it just rolled off the dealer floor. runs and drives great. i just had it out today. only thing it needs is left rear turn signal. e-mail me for pictures.
punch877767150 Andy 9/4/2013BessemerNC Add Comment   

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It needs carb work if u spray starter fluid in the carb it fires up on the first kick
JpILp3mfuV67OEwKeLyJ6D3bZv2ZfNzLuzDd3l Thiago 8/9/2013p2rVdhSEKS Add Comment   
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