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We now sell Pandas at Red Star Motors. The company that brings them in is
Midwest Motor Vehicles Inc. They have two models a Panda cub and a Panda 50
which is like a Honda scooter. The Panda cub looks like a Kesea B but comes
in a teal green and grey and has a different front on it . The Panda 50s are
white for 1998 but will be red for 1999 they have a 10 inch tire and look
Like the older Honda spre. We Like the Panda 50s due to there look and the
quality is better. Both bikes are from the China Qingqi Group which does
have a website. They make hundreds of different bikes. The Panda 50 could
carry two people but the company recommends you don't.

The Panda cub top speed is around 35 mph and the Panda 50 is 28-31 mph. The
cost of the Panda cub is $1175.00 and the Panda 50 is $1325.00. The Panda
50 has a big set and hand holds for another rider but its weight limit is
240 pounds. Also Red Star Motors will soon be selling Sundiro Scooters and
one goes 45mph.

Red Star Motors
4015 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40218


Dear Mr. Zaitsev

Thank you for your email dated October 16th. The Panda 50
is priced at $1,186.00 (plus shipping & handling), its top
speed is 40MPH and it is made in China. It is not recommend
to have passengers.


Doris E. Weaver
Office Manager