My Citybug review

My Citybug review

A while ago our local bicycle shop began carrying electric mini-scooters - Zappy and Citybug. Few months ago I gave Zappy a try and wasn't very pleased - in fact, despite it's relatively low speed, during the test ride I've felt like I was about to break my neck.

Anyway, yesterday, we were hanging out with my friend Yuri and I suggested we stop by the bicycle shop to test-ride Citybug. So we did. The mini-scooter was there, charged and ready to go. We signed a paper, stating that the shop is not responsible for our horrible death and dismemberment, after which we got the helmets and rolled out the door.

I was the first to ride. I mounted the Citybug (unlike Zappy, it has a seat, which was surprisingly comfortable) and pressed throttle lever. It began accelerating and a moment later I was enjoyng the ride. Well, what can I say - it doesn't go as fast as moped/scooter, but the feeling is still fun. With top speed of 13.6mph, it beats both walking and running. I made a circle around the parking lot and returned to Yuri with a big grin on my face. He said I looked like an alien - riding an unknown contraption in the dark and wearing bicycle helmet.

Then it was his turn to ride - he took even longer than me and was impressed too. It's a good thing I didn't have $800 in my pocket - otherwise I might have ended uo buying Citybug on the spot.

To sum it up, Citybug is fun to ride and probably is small enough to fit in car trunk. It also has one advantage over gasoline mini-scooters - when you transport those, you're supposed to empty the tank to prevent gasoline spill - not a problem with this one.

One sidenote - I am not sure about legal status of this scoot - it doesn't have headlights,,, but then again, neither does bicycle and you can always get something like battery-operated CatEye light.

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