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goped - by

hey im selling a 2001 blue goped sport i just rebuilt the engine to a
g230rc($350)performance carb($75)racing rims($100)the goped($450)spindle($15)bore out the pipe,air
filter($35)block off plate($15)pro grips($15)tons of extra part estamating at around($475)all for
only $375 if your interested call me at 614-527-7520 ask for dillon

goped red sport - by justin

I bought my sport goped from my friend for ($150) he was the third owner and it
ran like new. At first it went 20 - 22 mph and so i bought a aftermarket air filter
that adds more horsepower and gives your engine more air flow it was ($20). then i
bought a tuned pipe that goes into the frame. It kept falling off when i gave it speed
so i sold it on ebay cause it dint really have an improvement on my scooter with
speed. than i had to replace my solid rubber tire it was so easy to swich the new one
with the old one like 5 mins.  My friend has a bigfoot and it took him a hour to
swich his tires cause of his front disc brake. Solid tires are better it turns faser
than a bigfoot and no popped tires but if you don`t like solid tires you can get air
tires. Later I bought a engine trix deck ($80) then a new .800 long drive spindle with
a 3rd bearing suport. i go about 25-26 mph with my .800 spindle with a stock
mufler. Then i bought a new engine trix tuned pipe with a center bleed ($155) it is
loud. Now i go 30-32 mph. I just bought a x can($75) it is the best for jumping and no
more burns from my tuned pipe.and now i go about 32-33 mph, goped its the best
scooter my brother has a scooter x bomber with 43cc i beat my brother with my goped with
top end and low end then my brother`s stoped working cause it was  badly made in
china and he couldn`t get parts for it. My goped is made in usa and i had my go ped
for 2 year with the same engine and it still runs like new.  If you are planing on
geting a scooter i recomment any goped. Goped is the most reliable scooter that will
never die best sites to go to for gopeds is , or
thanks to ddm racing, getaped, and teamgonads

Goped Bigfoot - by Louie

A while ago `santa` brought me a Bigfoot. Man, this thing kicks ass! It`s got
puenamatic tires and a great engine. If yur thing about buying a goped, DEFINETLY buy a
Bigfoot or X-ped, but NOT a sport (bumpybumpybumpy)

Viza Viper - by Jacob Jones

Hi, this scooter rocks, I have had it for a year, and I am so happy.  It is so
much better than that POS go-ped, it has a chain drive system, pneumatic tires, and a
better engine, none of that dirt contamination crap, this is so worth the extra little

Jacob Jones

curry phat phantom - by Bill Bob

All i can say is awesome.I love this thing i got it for christmas and rode it
even though it was freezing outside. The battery lasted over an hour and with very
little effort on my part (pulling the handlebars with my arms) it pops and if you have
good enough balance you can ride a wheelie very awesome most fun ive ever had on a
scooter.I recommend one to anyone lookin for a electric scooter
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