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Goped®/Miniscooter reviews

Viza - by Greg

Cool lil scooter(go-ped) faster than any goped. Many good extras available like different gearing ratios little packs on the back has comfy seat that dont give me a wedgy like my CR (tryin to stand while riding and pickin a wedgy:(. Folds all up and seat is removable.

My Citybug review

Citybug - by jonnycola@hotmail.com

I purchased a citybug scooter in october of 99' and it was the best thing i ever did. It is the mos handy and usefull thing to have. I run errands and soon will go to school. If you have any questions, e-mail me at jonnycola@hotmail.com

Solar Scooter vs Zappy

I have a Zappy and a Solar Scooter and we all found the Solar Scooter superior to Zappy because the Solar Scooter was safer with the 3rd wheel and turning suspension and also had a charging meter showing charge level. It had a key to start and I would ride it for hours and I would get tired before it ran out of charge! I weigh 220lbs and always wear a helmet and hand elbow and knee pads and put a soft type cooler with drinks and snacks in the rear basket for our park outings. I have Asthma so I ride it while the kids ride their bikes in the parks and no police bother me on the trails or anywhere...but I do have disabilities with asthma and metabolic so I sometimes slap a handicap sign on the back too so they dont bother me in advance. The Zap did not have 3 wheels and you have to stand the whole time and with my horrible balance I would crash and my daughter did crash on a turn while riding the Zappy and almost broke her arm! She was 15 years old and a good rollerblader so we didnt expect the wipe out on a turn. It scared her and so she wont go back on it but she will go on the Solar Scooter because with the 3rd wheel and seat you can get your balance better and then it turns better with the suspension built in for smooth turns and it is just a pleasure to ride.

I think the Zappy need more design work unless they want to be just an "extreme" scooter for only the highly skilled and risk taking people who like to wipe out. I prefer the Solar Scooter and so do both my teenagers and husband....and I bet I could even use it in the mall or flea markets although I havent tried yet. The only thing that would make the Solar Scooter better is to make it so the battery comes out easier so that the peices are lighter to put in and out of car as it takes 2 people to lift it in and out with the battery in the unit and I would like to be able to do it by myself. My son is big at 6ft 3 in and strong and it was too much for him alone to lift too!

Another CityBug review - by Eduardo Affonso

I am just another one writing a bit about the CityBug. Living in France it was during a visit to the States that I discovered such a nice idea, the CityBug. When I came back home I decided to go for the CityBug though I was pending to the Zip one. I must say that it was troublesome having it shipped over France, especially with customs, but in the end everything worked fine. I have been riding the CityBug in a very large park in Paris and it is very pleasant. Everyone wants to ride it. Power is good enough that even my little 3 year old daughter feels like riding together. The speed is nice enough for this type of machine and I must say that it is very well made and finished. I do think it is worthy every penny. The only thing I noticed is that the brake though strong enough, has the trend to brake in steps as if you had a bicycle wheel oval rather than round. Other than that, it is a wonderful machine. Go for it if you have the intention.

CityBug - by Jim Sproul

I first saw the CityBug in a Sharper Image catalog some months ago. It looked like fun, but at $699 I wasn't sure it was going to be THAT much fun. Over the months I watched the catalog as the price dropped to $599. Finally, I couldn't resist anymore and I called the local Sharper Image store to see if they had any in stock. They said they had two left so I asked if I could get a discount by buying both of them. They quoted me $499 each for the pair, so off I went. I've had both scooters for a little less than a week, and have been riding them (along with my 8-year old daughter) every day. Everything was great until today. I was stopped by a park patrol officer at a local lake who told me I couldn't ride the CityBug on the bike trail because it was a motor vehicle. I said it was a motorized bicycle (according to state law), but he wouldn't have it and made us leave the park. So, we went back home to ride around the neighborhood and before I know it my brakes failed completely. After getting the scooter home I dismantled the brake assembly and found that the drum brake pad was blistered and burned, and the plastic rear hub had melted. I was astounded by the poor design and workmanship of the rear hub and brake assembly. I'm having little luck so far tracking down parts for this thing. I came across this site while searching for replacement parts and thought I would share my frustration with you. The CityBug isn't safe. Buy something else.

CityBug electric scooter - by Simchaman@webtv.net

I have been riding a CityBug electric scooter I purchased fro The Sharper Image for three months. I am very happy with it's performance. I weigh 190 and the scooter will operate at it'stop speed for 45 minutes before running down totally. The charger works well,charging up the scooter in about 5 hours. It sets itself off when it has charged the battery. The scooter rides very smoothly and makes very sharp small turns. It is great how it folds down very compactely to easily fit in a trunk of a car and can also be carried that way. It weghs abot 45 pounds but you can cut that in half by easily removing the battery. A nice fold up basket is included which attaches onto the back of the seat stem. I haven't clocked my speed but I believe the scooter goes the claimed 12 -13 mph. The scooter really looks nice withe great stylish curves and wheel coves. It's very quiet and no one has ever been disturbed by my riding it on bicycle paths. The cost was much cheaper than other scooters I priced at only $600. I ordere an additional battery which I intend to place in the basket fr longer rides. I strongly advise purchasing this scooter. For further info contact me at Simchaman@webtv.net

Another Zappy review - by Vic Garza

The "e- skateboards" sold by Sharper image (catalogue pictures available) are more useful in my experince than the "Zappy board" and considerably cheaper! To its benefit the Zappy has very high quality construction and folds down compactly, has very simple construction (one stage cog belt reduction without idler or freewheeling). On the negative side, NO SEAT means high fatigue, cannot be started from dead stop- must be pushed, wobbly feeling due to pneumatic piston support of front wheel, not as compact as the SI. The older sharper image model, Asian made, is of slightly lower quality than the Zappy, but compact enought to be transported in a golf bag hard case! The SI has single reduction cog belt drive with IDLER which means no tension adjustment and freewheeling rear wheel which means no belt jumping and reduced belt wear. The SI will run about 40min to an hour at full load with 185# load and at temp above 65 degrees F.(about 8 mi on level). Small 6.5" dia wheels are a problem around bumps more than about 1.5" for either model-bottoming out... Weight is almost identical for both models the Zappy and SI. Speed is slightly higher for the Zappy 12mph vs 10mph for the older SI. Parts are hard to find for the SI. The SI has been reliable so far and fun taking place of folding bike with much less storage space and about same weightwise.

The Zip Electric Scooter By Badsey - review by Bill Griffin

Last December I purchased a Zip scooter directly from the manufacturer after seeing its big brother the EMX at a dealer in LasVegas. The scooter was to be a gift for my wife, or at least that is the excuse I used to justify the purchase to myself. But in all actuality it was just too cute for me to pass up and I knew that we would both enjoy riding it around the neighborhood and in the medical complex behind our home. The dogs like to run along as well, and it gives them a lot more exercise unlike when we take them for walks.

The scooter is very well made and it has been completely reliable. The speed control mechanism is simple mechanical resistive unit that provides a very well balanced 3 speeds. When running at less than full throttle, the speed control is very inefficient as the current consumed is the same as running at full throttle, but this helps keep the cost of the scooter down.. The only maintenance I have performed is a belt adjusting about a month after I bought it. My wife and I have yet to run the battery completely down, but the Nephew has managed to do that for us on a few occasions. When completely discharged (scooter barely runs) it take about 6 1/2 to 7 hours to fully charge. After the average run of 7 to 10 miles of operation by us it takes about 3 to 4 hours to reach full charge. When the scooter is not in use we leave it connected to the AC to maintain the charge as this is recommended by the manufacturer.

Top speed of the scooter is as advertised, about 15 mph. In continuous operation with few starts and stops I would expect the scooter to achieve the advertised range of 15 miles. Our application has the scooter starting and stopping frequently which places heavier demands on the battery and we estimate that we are getting between 7 and 10 miles per charge. We never run the scooter completely flat, who wants to push the thing!

For a small battery powered device, the acceleration is very impressive. My wife weighs about 120 lbs and the scooter can accelerate to full speed in about 20 to 30 feet. I weigh close to 300 lbs. and the acceleration is still very impressive, Id say top speed in about 40 to 50 feet. After approximately 5 miles of riding on level ground, I have been clocked at 15 mph.

I have mounted a LED flasher type reflector to the rear seat post, and a pair of C-Cell powered bicycle lights to the handlebars for operation after the sun goes down. I have yet to be hassled by the law for riding on the streets in my neighborhood or in the complex behind our home.

In closing I would highly recommend the Zip electric scooter to anyone young or old who is contemplating such a purchase. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Bill Griffin

Zappy - by Sharkpower@aol.com

I have purchased and tested the new Zappy by Zap. It is marketed as something anyone can use but because it has two wheels and no seat it is hard on the legs and balance it tricky for those of us over 10 years old and most are afraid to even try it when they see it. It is more like an electric board and we would place it in the "extreme" type of category because it is hard to turn without losing balance on it as the tires are fairly narrow. Teens that are coordinated are most likely to love Zappy or adults that are coordinated and what I mean by that are teens and adults that dont wobble on bikes and skates! Those lucky coordinated types will love Zappy except the legs and knees do tire fast and you have to switch legs alot as you must ride it in a sort of surfer stance as it has no seat. For short distances of a mile or two this is great but for longer than that a seated model would be better even for the "extreme" type individuals that can dare to ride this. Be sure to wear FULL gear like helmet, knee pads, leather padded gloves, elbow pads as on a turn our "extreme" tester fell off and wrist guards wont fit to ride and we had no gloves so the arm was almost broke even with elbow guards. Pavement is hard so wear all safety gear with this one. But all and all the Zappy is cool looking and is a fun "extreme" toy....but I cant enjoy it because I need a seat for bad knees and I am a wobbling type... less coordinated adult. We wish Zappy had 3 wheels and a seat like the Solar Scooter by Edgetech LLC we are going to test next! I think the Solar Scooter will be more adapable to anyone as it looks like it in the design with 3 wheels and a seat...but we will see and we will let you know! :) More later!!!!

Solar Scooter - by Sharkpower@aol.com

We just got our new Solar Scooter by Edgetech. It took very little effort to get up and running and it came 3/4 charged so we could take it for a spin right away! We got the gel seat and basket as well with our deal. The Solar Scooter has 3 wheels for a stable ride and has a front suspension so that turns are easy and less hazardous. It is as quiet as a kitten and rides like a dream. The key ignition prevents accidental start ups and it has a rear and front flashing reflector light. I am a 220lb person and I rode for 2 hours on flat paved terrain and it only used less than 1/2 of the battery supply.We accidentally started it on a tiny bit of gravel and it popped up on us so be sure not to start it up on gravel or loose dirt or loose sand. The 3 wheels are a wonderful must for stability and so is the gel seat so your legs dont get worn out. I also have very bad balance but this I could stay on and ride! It was a blast and I would recommend this scooter to all ages! It is a safe, fun, ride!

Solar Scooter - by Mike Wedderburn

You were asking about the Solar Scooter. It does about 18mph. It has a real range of about 6miles in town. The maker claims 15 mile range. Maybe it would but, I weigh 200lbs and with me on it, I get 6 or maybe 7 miles. They are on the net at solarscooter.com . The phone is 1-800--10-9995. Address: Edgetech L.L.C. P.O.B. 1140 , San Andreas,CA 95245

I like mine. It has had a couple minor problems. But overall, I really enjoy it. I use it mostly for runs to the store and to pick up my 9 year old at school.

Take it easy, Mike.