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Island Hopper (bicycle motor) - by Don
I bought my Island Hopper folding bike with Tecumseh (est) 50 cc motor and 5speed gearing.in about 2007it on my SeArk Voyager (N0mad) tralerable houseboat for inland cruising . It worked fine, though motor can be balky if not run regularly.
sold the boat though and no longer use the bike due to my age

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Golden eagle (bicycle motor) - by bob
I`m looking for a suspension bike that will fit the golden eagle bike kit I`m 6`3` and having a hard time finding a bike that will fit the rear wheel and ring anyone have any knowledge ? thanks

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Island hopper 1 (bicycle motor) - by Jonathon DeCles
I aquired my Island Hopper 1 a few months ago. It was used so I have no documentation on the motor. If any one has some manual I can get a copy of it would be appreciated greatly.

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Cozybike (electric bicycle) - by CJaegers
Cozy bikes is a ripoff we bought a bike from them with a extended warranty for a extra $75 to extend the warranty to 3 years. The batteries shorted out because of a loose connection at the charging port. We tried to contact them to no avail so we ordered the battery at a cost $248.50 + a charger at $94.95 + tax at $30.05 total $373.50 we got charged $396.23 they sent the wrong batteries and no charger. We tried to email them with no response just a recording leave your name and number and they will call you back. Never heard from them. Since we had the return address on box we drove there. Surprise no listing for cozy bikes aka Epizontechat this point we started to ask questions and found the bike shop the same one in the ad on line they are not open 9:00 to 5:00 there are two desks and a warehouse asking more questions we were told that there is just one person who comes in between 5:00 and 6:00am. We stayed the night hoping to find the person. No one came. We left our contact information on the door. We then took pictures of the place including the license plate and suite number before leaving. Returning home we then mailed the battery back as it came UPS it seems that UPS can`t find him either. We then went to the police and filed a complaint as of now we have nothing but bills. Beware people this person has no honor tust in America and buy American. We are not going to let this go we have the license plate and will prosecute.

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