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Crono S1 & C1 (scooter) - by Peter Duggan
This is my second Crono scooter in two years. My original Crono C1 worked extremely well until it was (sigh..) stolen.
Since the S1 came down in price, I decided to take the insurance money and buy it. I am extremely pleased with it.
Crono claims that the scooter will do 70 km/h and mine actually surpassed that claim by doing 78 km/h on a straight stretch of paved road. I am an average sized rider of 180 lbs so I would assume that it could go just a bit faster for smaller riders. The engine is remarkably quiet for a two-stroke and after 4,000 km it`s still going strong.
The body is well desinged and built and the only problem that I have had was with the right turn signal socket not holding the bulb. My dealer replaced the socket under warranty within 15 minutes. The S1 closely compares to the C1 except for top speeds and length of the scooter (The S1 is a tiny bit longer). Also, both scooters have the exact same engine yet the S1 has been modified for better speeds. Remebering my old C1 and comparing it to the S1 has shown the following differences to get more power 1) Larger exhaust pipe 2) Slightly larger jet in the carb 3) Different (Hotter) plug 4) Larger airscoop for the air intake.

The S1 & C1 are extremely fuel efficient and on an average each week of commuting 20 km back and forth I spend about $3.75 to $4.25 in gas.

The pricing of the Crono S1 and C1 make them very attractive. In Canada, the average dealer price for the S1 is $1695 and the C1 is $1495. The warranty is 6,000km or 1 year.

I would highly recommend the Crono line of scooters to anyone who needs an economical means of fun transportation.

Did I mention how light the C1 is ? 108 lbs.....
The S1 is 129 lbs.....
Almost light enough to throw on a half-decent car-carrier.


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