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DenaliCycles (electric bicycle) - by Ely Schless
The following was posted on Denali`s forum page on Sept. 20, 2000

First off , I have no connection with Denali other than I have been the super pleased owner of an HSR for about 6 weeks. The people around my neighborhood think
that I`m a Denali salesman, but this is to be expected. I use the bike exclusively for commuting, running errands and such. I keep the cruising to 15-18 MPH North
Carolina DOT reqs limit unlicensed `mopeds` to 20 MPH) but the extra power allows you to merge into traffic at opportunities that aren`t possible with my MTB.
Can save you butt too, believe me.

The point of all this is that the bike cost what it costs because it has to. Take the spec sheet, get some MTB and BMX magazines, go online and shop for the
components. I did this and more before making my decision. Mr. T Bomber shocks $700, Scott motor $280, 275 Amp, pulse witdh modulated controller about
$300, Hayes 8` hydraulics $200 per wheel. Oh yeah, and the wheels, BMX 24` rims don`t normally use discs. I surmise that Ely and Brett (maybe they`ve hired
some lackeys by now) are building these by hand (I could be wrong, but it would be cheaper to build your own to spec). Ever build a wheel? get it dished and trued
perfect. I have, easier to catch a fart and paint it blue. Don`t know why you need a controller rather than going direct, why oil bath shocks over air,why the
characteristics of the Scott motor make it perfect for this job. Get some engineering course under your belt and then we can talk.

Bottom line, Lee Iacocca may have the bike for you, it`s about $1400, dies after a few good hills, and takes most of the afternoon to charge and I personally
wouldn`t take the gift of one, but it`s CHEAPER.

There..I feel better. Hey, there`s my helmet, I think I`ll go take a ride and blow some SUV`s off from light to light.

Happy Trails
Cary, NC

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