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Derbi Variant SLE (moped) - by Squeky
My friend and I both got the same 1987 models for $35 each about a year ago. Since then, these things have been ridden non-step and beat pretty good. They keep right on taking the abuse we give them. The brakes are great and the power is great. The top speed is around 50 mph, so these things really move for 50 cc`s. They will wheelie until gas runs out of the carb. Very reliable. We`ve raced much newer mopeds, and they don`t stand a chance against these old cheap things. Zero problems and zero complaints. We have lots of action shots of them @ http://fly.to/squeky (sorry, but that was a little bit of a plug, it`s a non-commercial site, don`t worry).

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Derbi Revolution GS (moped) - by Chester Wang
Rider`s report after 2-3 Months

After having this moped for some time, I can say that this moped was better than the 2000 Tomos Targa Lx (with Biturbo echaust) I previously owned. So far I`ve dropped this moped about 4 time (usually riding in bad weather conditions) and the only things that are damaged was the left brake handle (broke in half) and a slight scratch in the front fairing. This in turn really suprised me, because when i dropped my Tomos the damage was more abundant compared to the Derbi. During this time, there were no mechanical problems whatsoever. Right now, with the restrictions taken off, this moped can reach 45 mph. I`m also getting a metrakit Handmade Exhaust pipe soon, so it should increse the max speed a great deal.
However, as with all great products, there are always some problems. SQUEAKY rear Brake...It`s very loud and annoying (the dealer couldn`t figure out why). Another problem was the lack of trunk space. Lack of performance parts was also another problem (if anyone needs some information on availbility, just email me).
Looking back, I had probably made the right choice in purchasing this moped. But if I had the extra cash, I would`ve opted for a Derbi PREDATOR.

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Derbi Varient Revolution GS (moped) - by Chester Wang
This was the moped that I traded my Tomos Targa LX for. The suspension is great and the accerlation is much faster than my old tomos. This moped is also very well built; it generally has a feeling of quality (unlike Tomos). Currently I have the restrictions removed and now it has a max speed of 40-45 mph (which was the same as my old tomos, with the excepetion of a better suspension, accerlation, BRAKES). One thing I forgot to mention was that this moped has a 120 mm drum brake (compared to the 105 mm tomos); this moped has great stopping power. It was will worth the price.

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