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Honda Ruckus (scooter) - by White Wolf
This is a wonderful creation by Honda. It has a 49cc liquid cooled 4 stroke engine. I really like the liquid cooling, as I live in South Carolina, and have never had it run hot at all, not even during the peak of the two summers I have had it. I am a big guy, and weigh 250#. It goes 35-40 mph with me on it, and has no trouble keeping stable on the road when I do long trips. It is 30 miles to get out of the country, and to the nearest mall. I got the bike in January of 2004 and I have only changed the oil, cleaned the air filter and I had to remove and clean the carb once. It runs like a champ, and why shouldn`t it? After all, it`s a Honda! I will be finished paying on this bike in this comming January and It is still running stronger and more dependable than any other scooter around here. Even (dare I say it?) my Yamaha Zuma. It is not as sporty feeling as the Zuma, but it is rock solid! It rides reminiscent of the old Honda trail 70 or 90. You feel like a teenager with a minibike, but without the fear of the cops pulling you over for riding on the street.

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Honda Today (scooter) - by john
Just test drove a Honda today 50cc. they were incredibly slow peaking at 50kmph although i weigh 80. but their max speed with a much lighter person would be 54-56. The motor would not handle being destricted you`d think for longer than a year. If you feel comfortable and only have to drive in a 50-60 zone you should be relatively ok. I got bored with the experience in a 10 minute test ride so the long term lastibility would be quite short lived. On the up side they are a well priced scooter.

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81 Honda passport 70cc (scooter) - by J.J. Slayback
My bike is sharp!Chrome tailpipe is smokin nice!I can go 45mph.Wish I had a million more!I buy Em!Or trade for em!

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2001 Honda Elite50Sr (moped) - by Thomas Davis
I just got a elite50sr with 1mile on it new from the Honda shop and it runs great i just tap the start button and im off me and my mom and brother put 11miles on it as soon as we got it i havent raced it yet becuase its still in the break in period i doubt i will thou becuase this scooter is fun to drive even at 20mph soo if you cant get a car yet or are worried about gas prices this scooter is for you


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