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Indian (moped) - by Paul
This must be one of those tales, where you find a frog and turn it into a princess. The `frog` was a basketcase (literally) of an Indian moped I found on a farm and took home for better or worse. Lucky for me, before I delved into trying to fix it up, I did some research and found out a few interesting details, the most important of which was that the engine (unlike any other moped I`ve known) is a 4-stroke, with valves, a camshaft, an oilpump, the works, all incredibly small. Locating parts was not easy, as even though there are many similarities, the whole bike is unique, meaning nothing else will fit. E.g. it uses a Keihin carb, like all Hondas, but a special model. The tires are 17` alright, but the profile is unique again. Anyway, 3 years and 4 more junk Indians later, the project is ALMOST finished - I still need to find a decent handlebar and front turn signals, where the chrom is not pitted. As for the bike itself, it`s very big, very heavy, very comfortable and very slow; you can`t get too much power out of a 49cc 4-stroke. But who cares about speed and acceleration?The looks are great, the ride is a blast and it turns heads; what more can I ask for?

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Indian (moped) - by reverend
What can i say? Indians havent had much role in the moped community. They where only made in the late 70`s. They are scarce, but after owning one, it will be hard to not want to ride it. I think Indian should start making the chief again. Currently im working on a motobecane, i hear they are great bikes... but so far im hooked on our native american named moped.

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