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Kinetic Magnum Electronic 1996 (moped) - by Joe Conlan
My son just purchased the 96 moped. It is in very clean condition. He plans to use it for work if I can get it running. I flushed the entire fuel system, removed the carb and dismanted it cleaned it and re-assembeled it. The engine starts and runs on the choke very well. But, it will not run with the choke off. Can anyone give me any ideas what may be the problem. Thanks Joe

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Kinetic TFR (moped) - by Dave
I must be doing something wrong. I have a helluva time starting this cute little bike, so hard that it`s been a couple years now since I`ve even tried to ride it. Is it possible to retrofit an electric start?

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Kinetic TFR (moped) - by Galo
The Kinetic tfr is very hard to work on, because everything is enclosed in a small case. I just put a 65cc motor on it, which took a lot of work because my hands were to big for the space, every thing is snugged and tucked away as if a child built it, which was probally the case. You have to release this huge bolt in the middle and drop the whole body to be able to work on it. Once you drop the body you need some one or something to hold the bike up while you work. I paid $600 for my bike and stipidly put over $300 into it.

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Kinetic (moped) - by Mopedler
I recently inherited a Kinetic TFR, built in India in Nov `95. It runs very well up to 25 mph. with top speed of 30.

(1)It hits a brick wall at 30 mph whether your going uphill or down. Judging by the noise, I think the speed is limited by floating valves, which suggests major fuel waste and engine wear, so I try to keep it under 25. Actually, it sounds happiest at about 22.

(2) Single gear and the engine can`t be disconnected; so the padals are good ONLY for starting on the kickstand and accelerating up to 10 mph. If the engine quits, you have to hold the `decompress` lever and push the bike with great difficulty, turning the engine over all the way.

(3)I have a one-page electrical schematic, but it bears little resemblance to the actual wiring of my bike. Does anyone know a place where people can post schematics and other images? Is there a place where I can get a Kinetic manual? Is there a Kinetic page with decent technical support? I haven`t found any yet.

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