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Kymco People 150 (2010) (scooter) - by Paul M
I`ve owned it for 13 months and put 7,200 kilometers on it, or about 4,500 miles. (The speedometer displays miles, the odometer displays kilometers.)

APPEARANCE AND DESIGN: I got green & white because it looks retro, and I think it`s more visible. Adults often smile and me to ask about it. Headlight is fair, signal and tail lights good. Instruments are good, although the gas gauge is off: Slow at first, and when it hits 1/2 it`s actually at 1/4. At the bottom of the red line it`s time for gas. Speedometer is about 5% optimistic. The LOW beam light (what??) is way too bright for nighttime and I`m tempted to disable it. There`s a small 2-section glove box in the fairing, and under seat storage which is fair. For overflow I got an Aerostich LP Bag, which is a strong, thin backpack that compresses to wallet size.

PERFORMANCE: My biggest concern was whether it would keep up with traffic and manage the hills here in the busy suburbs of California. (I`ve ridden fll-size motorcycles for 40 years and still own two.) I`m glad to say it does great. I`m 5`7` and 160lbs. I haven`t ridden two-up, but it probably takes it down a notch. Top speed on the flats is a true 60mph+, and it`ll climb some pretty good grades at 45mph. I believe it`s freeway legal here but I wouldn`t, except to go from one exit to another in a pinch. Above 50mph the handling gets a little twitchy. After break-in, I`m getting a solid 85mpg without babying it. Brakes are good, and cornering is fine, although the left side stand will touch down in spirited corners.

RELIABILITY: I`ve had zero problems. I babied it during break-in, and I do routine service myself. It`s generally pretty easy although the owners manual is vague. I found some PDF shop materials online which are more helpful, but service Kymco`s documentation is inconsistent. If you do your own work you`ll need to use judgement. It`s a little cold-blooded due to EPA requirements. More recently it was getting hard to start, but routine service turned up two loose valves. It`s also sensitive to tire pressure and they`re hard to adjust. I use a bicycle pump and patience. Be careful with the spark plug and other engine parts. A gorilla can break or cross thread things in a hurry.

PRICE/VALUE: I wasn`t sure I`d use a scooter and didn`t want to spend a lot of money. The Japanese are better made, but this scoot works very well for a lot less. Kymco is from Taiwan, and Taiwanese manufacturing should not be confused with Chinese. For example, most carbon fiber bicycle frames come from Taiwan, and Kymco began making parts for Honda in 1963. I`m VERY happy with the price/value.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: The local dealer is an independent motorcycle repair shop (RM Enterprises, Concord, CA,) that sells Kymcos and racing carts. He`s knowledgable, a nice guy, and I will definitely use him when I need specialized service.

OVERALL: I love it. I bought the Kymco for running errands, trips to the cafe, and local recreational rides. For those things it`s super fun, and gas is only 5 cents per mile.

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Kymco 2000 (moped) - by Tyrus Bahney
I got mine about 4 months ago.. This is a great moped. Ive ridden many other mopeds. You know the kind, small, light weight, unsturdy. They usually weigh about 120 pounds! Hard to ride if you ask me. The one that I have now weighs 210 dry weight. Thats kinda heavy but it is like riding a motorcycle. Right now it has alright acceleration from 0-15 mph.. then from there it slows down because it hits the top speed gears.. These take a while to get goin so it accelerates kinda slow. Once it hits 30 it is gone. It`ll hit about 40 then slow the acceleration down until it hits about 48. At first when I got it, it had a beautiful take off. Blew cars, other mopeds, and my head away (jerked it back). I had the gears messed with and the piston.. and now I am in happy business! I recommend it to ANYONE... Its new, expensive, but worth your money! P.S. Purrs like a kitten! P.P.S. 100 mpg

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