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Motobecane (moped) - by Paul
I came across a Mobylette (and ended up owning it), that`s virtually unknown in North_America. It must have been brought in privately. It`s called the motobecane 51V (instead of 50V, where `V` stands for the variator clutch). The 51V has a different engine, which is equipped with a reed-valve(AV10) that puts out full 2.6 HP stock (as opposed to the common 1.5 or 2), uses a larger, 13mm carburetor and an unrestricted muffler. Boy, does this baby fly! You give gas and the variator literally `kicks in` - great takeoff from standing still. Give more gas and the speed starts climbing, and climbing and it just keeps on climbing. I clocked the bike at 80 kmh (about 50mph) without any type of tuning mod. The engine has an unbelievable midrange. An amazing find for sure, I love it. Best of all, the AV10 block is interchangeable with the other so anybody with a Moby frame can do the conversion - alas, you have to go to France to get one. But it`s worth every penny.

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Motobecane Mobylette (moped) - by Timmo
This is the most quality moped i have ever come across. I have owned many mopeds (tomos, puch, batavus, derbi, jawa, etc) which were all very good (except for my crappy tomos, HAHA!)The motobecane is QUALITY. get a good running one, and it will NEVER break down. forget about buying a Tomos and having o pay insane amounts of $$$ to get it fixed every week. Buy a motobecane, and you will never have to take it to a dealer, cause it will never break! what a tank that thing is......

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Motobecane (moped) - by mopedjoe
I`ve had my little zip-roaring 1980 motobecane moped for a month now I`m ecstatic. I`ve used it for a 40 minute commute three days a week (40 there, 40 back) and the thing is still going strong. As long as the wind is at your back you get 28 or so on a straight away without taxing the thing, if you are pushing it you`ll get 32 or so but you have to really lay on the throttle and lean forward - unless of course you hit a hill then you plenty faster but the speedometer doesn`t go that high. It`s a sporty moped - and I`m already sentimental. It never complains.

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