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Puch Magnum MKII Limited (moped) - by Tab Patterson
I love this ol` Moped. It has less than a thousand miles on it and a very solid ride. Puch quality was very high! I had an MKII back in 1980/81 and put around 11,000 miles on it without any major problems. The cons with this bike are few...I don`t like the oil injection system that much and I`m not a fan of the `low` handlebars. I prefer the regular style. Euro kits do not fit very well. The cylinder/exhaust will make it (barely) but the intake and carb will hit the injector `hump` in the casting. A 14mm `tall` intake can be used if it is filed down slightly and the top speed goes up to near 40mph with a 220lb rider. A Puch Maxi is a safer bet and can be made to go faster than this, but the Magnum has the looks! It is #500 and I bought it from zippymoped.

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Puch Maxi (moped) - by Steve
From day oneI have used Puchs as my ride. I have 2 Puch maxi`s. One is chopped into a chopper and the other is, or was stock.
I bought it for $230 and I knew that even if it needed work (which it didnt) it was well worth it for a puch. It ran about 40mph stock. Then I put a haigh compression 2 hp head on it. It then went 45mph and didnt bog going up hill like most mopeds did. I just recently got a 70cc upgrade and installed a leovinci exhaust. it crusis at 65mph and has the torque to pull a truck.
I am very happy with puch. I would not advise the buying of anyother name.

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Puch Korado (moped) - by Mark Rosengarten
I got this stylish moped two years ago, after nixing the Kinetic and Targa. It is, simply put, a work of artistry in motion. I got it at Steve`s Moped in Jersey, paind quite a bit for it, but it has been worth every penny. It is fast, responsive and as easy to ride as a bicycle. It tops out at about 28 with my hulking weight on straight roads, goes to 20 on sloped and can get up to 35 on downhill runs. This thing won`t win any races, but it is a nice bike for tooling around the back roads. You can stop and smell the air if you want.

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Puch (moped) - by Tom
I Just rebuilt a 1978 Puch Newport Moped. New rings,tires, brakes, rebuilt carb. This moped looks great and runs great. Starts right up every time. I am 39 years old and I love riding this thing. I used to hate going to store to pick up needed items. Now I volunteer to go to the store for the wife. It`s also quicker getting to the store and back on the moped then by car. I live in NJ, and don`t see many mopeds.

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