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Sachs Prima G3 (moped) - by Joseph E.
I`m the luckiest guy ever. You folks are gonna hate me. I`m 17, at my high school, my mechanics teacher had this old moped just sitting on top of this like, work bench. It was always just there, never even got touched. So I asked him how much he would take for it. He said, `man that thangs been up there for 3 years already.` he said it was given to him as a project but he has a 69 mustang gt and a 71 trans am, those are projects! ;) Anyways, he didn`t answer my question and I left, but the next week he asked me, `hey are you still wanting that moped?` I said hell yeah! He told me `go on and take it. It`s taking up space` I asked `for free?!` He said, `well I would like about 20 bucks, for a 24 pack.`.... yup.....I bought a 1980 Sachs Prima G3, WITH 53 MILES ON IT!!! for a pack of fuckin beer!!!! I took it home, assembled the seat back and everything cleaned it thoroughly. Looked brand new! Problem was, like he said, didn`t run. BUT, I took it to my dads neighbor, all it took was a (complimentary) carb rebuild. Ran like a champ!!! Sure enough, he was sad when I went to pick it up. He drove it as much as he could. This little machine turns heads EVERYWHERE! and I get the same question, `is it a bike or a motorcycle?!` hahaha. Spedometer goes up to 40mph, I`ve reached 37 on a downhill. :) 25 on flat. Smooth beautiful cruiser.
Sad story: I let my sister`s 26 year old boyfriend keep it at their house for a week, just to spread the joy. I regret it. :/ him and his friend took it mudding!!! Jumping mud ramps. Treating it like shit! A FUCKING, RARE ASS, COLLECTERS moped!!!!! They broke the chain guard, dented the gas tank, got it muddy for it`s first time in 30 years. Sure enough, I`m not ever leaving anything valuable to an inconsiderate childish person again.

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Sachs prima g3 (scooter) - by gee gee
Bought ride at end of july,2002. Had it checked and cleaned, then rode it for 700 miles in 4 days. Had 5000
miles on it to start, proceded to put another 1000 miles on it in 2 months. Had to get a tune-up. Still runs like a dream. I am 6`4` 280 pds. Does 30-35 on flats, but struggles up hills. To be expected, I guess. Have ridden
bicycles, and motorcycles all my life, but this little baby is a blast. Only ? is, where do I get parts. Have read all reviews, lots of interesting rides out there.

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Sachs (moped) - by mick
hey. i got a new Sachs balboa its an awesome bike. i go about 30-35 on the flat and 25 up hill. has a few problems. a pitted cam and blown points. getting it fixed up this weekend and hope to ride it saturday evening. other then the few problems it is fast and fun. hope to get a high speed cylender kit and exhaust. if anybod has any info on this type of bike please email me.

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Sachs Prima G3 (moped) - by Chris
I just got a 1980 Sachs Prima G3 about a week ago. I traded an old beat up Honda cb100 for it. This bike goes about 40-45mph. The spark plug hasnt been changed since last summer and it still runs excellent. It`s a 2 stroke with a 50:1 mixture. It has a 2 gallon top tank,(which makes it look like small motorcycle or trail bike.
To start it just pedal and hold in the start lever and it stars right up. This moped has really nice pick up and flies up huge hills. For the back break all you is pedal backwards like on some bicycles, seems weird but you get used to it. I really like the shocks. Thier better than the ones on my trail bike. The wheels are mag. Has a huge seat easily enough for a passenger. This Sachs really makes it through the snow with all that power. Unlike alot of mopeds I have ridden, when you start to go around 30 they start to bog, well not this moped it never bogs down, even at full throttle. Another thing that I like about it is that the seat isnt really high like some of those cheap new mopeds. I have ridden my friends 2000 Tomos Targa and don`t see any difference between the two other than mine looks a lot cooler and handles the snow and trails alot better,( Oh ya and mine was much less expensive). The sachs G3 is reliable, fast, and powerful. I highly recommend this moped to anyone looking for a moped.

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