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Spitfire Motorworks (bicycle motor) - by Aaron
I recently purchased a spitfire motorworks 48cc chaindrive bike motor. After a long and tedious installation, some parts broke during installation (I can be blamed for that), the bike was ready to be riden. Break in period is somewhat long, 2 full tanks at 2x the amount of oil.

After that though, watch out. These motors just FLY! Amazing amounts of torque, starting out pedalling, you engage the plate clutch, and you can stop pedalling right away. You`re up to speed before the car next to you is... This alone surprises them :-)

Hill climbing is surprisingly able. I live in a very hilly area, and I have to assist the motor very little. I have ridden golden eagle motor kits in the past, and while thier engine is quite a bit smoother and more precise, it lacks the raw HP and torque this kit boasts.

Speed is not a problem with this kit, and at the top of this motor`s RPM range, there is lots of power left. If a person was to swap out another sproket with fewer teeth, you could reach some real break neck speeds. I have a bike computer on my bike, and I`ve got a top speed on flat ground of 35 MPH. This is fast enough for me!!!

Fuel consumption varys from tank to tank, and depending on how fast / hills and throttle you use. I can make a tank (2.5L) last me 2 weeks back and forth to work. Each trip is around 6km one way. They claim on thier website 200MPG, but I have yet to see this.

VERY RECCOMENDABLE FOR THE PRICE. I bought another kit, and am currently looking for a bike to put it on. A guy can never have too many gas-powered toys...

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