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Staton Bike Motor Kits (moped) - by Vic
Good product, fast shipping, super good support

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Www.staton-inc.com (bicycle motor) - by Bruce Bonner
I have been riding motorized bikes for seven years now as my only form of transportation. Early on I bought a kit from Dimention Edge and it was the biggest piece of JUNK you could imagine, really, no exageration. I also built my own in many different configurations. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn`t. I`ve also followed what was available on the internet. Four or five years ago I discovered a website selling anything and everything to do with motorized bikes who`s designs and products stood way out from the rest. They have tons of good quality pics and
a huge selection of kits, engines, parts and accessories.
I do NOT work for, nor do I receive any compensation this review. But if you are looking to purchase a motorized bike , you should check these guys out. They have been in the business since 1983 or 84. They have always treated me right
Their web site is www.staton-inc.com

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Staton (moped) - by Jonathan Swift
I would have posted this review in the bike motor section, but after 45 minutes of dedicated and revised typing, the site would not allow me to post it; and then it ended up here. I am for the Staton Kit; The Golden Eagle was easier initially, and a pain in the ass later. Staton, pain in the ass to install, no problems afterwards

Staton Kit is the one I recommend.

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Staton Phillips / Kawasaki (bicycle motor) - by Miguel C
Kawasaki TD 48 Engine. Kit is built by Staton Phillips.
For the serious rider this kit is awesome. Very reliable, strong motor, and fast. Only problem I can`t find parts. Apparently they went under. If anyone has info, please send a line directly to me. I am looking for a centrifugal clutch housing, I can build the rest.



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