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Trac (moped) - by matt
I have a 1989 Trac blitz automatic.This is an awsome moped.It sure is better than that piece of whooly MAMMOTH shit Tomos.I have had my trac for a year now.The only thing I dislike about my Trac is it only goes 35 mph.But thats OK.

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Trac hawk And Tomos Targa (moped) - by Sean
I dont know how many of you got to experience the feeling of riding a moped but Trac hawk is the moped to get although it is a older make Mine is a 86 i would figure there would be problems all the problems i had were to get a new spark plug and air filter.The Engine starts on first kick and preformance is good although it is a street leagle moped it doesnt go faster than 35 m.p.h. So if anyone was buying a used moped and they came acrossed a cheap Trac moped i would go for it ive owned mine for 5 months and no regrets. i have also owned a tomos. i would take a trac over a tomos. although the Tomos is 5mph faster. Tomos are way too expensive. people want over 1,000 for a 1990 model i paid about 900 for my Tomos Targa not worth it. Looks similar to my trac just about the same speed and i only paid 200 for my trac. seems like a no brainer Trac is the way to go. Tomos are all hype. I have replaced many parts on my tomos i had to go through getting new gaskets (i dont know how many of you have went through that but it is a pain to do it)Speedometer went out 200 miles after i got it. things are still breaking on my tomos. I have 998 miles on my tomos and there are all those problems. My Trac has 3,998 miles on it now just simple minor problems. SO in conclusion My Trac is the better moped. Why spend 500-1,000
for a tomos the only thing in the tomos is you are paying for the name thats all! They look so similar... If you would like to see how similar they look e-mail me and i will send you a pic of what both look like.

TRAC- True winner here good looking cheap and good preformance

TOMOS- Nice preformance about same as trac 9X the price wich is outragious.

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Trac (moped) - by Chucky
This is a great moped its a 1985 Trac i got for 125$ dollars wich is a steel it only has 330 miles on it and its very rare! its a great moped and if you can find one i recomend you buy it!!!

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