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Viper (moped) - by RAYMOND
I have had my direct drive 49cc viper for a week.My top speed 25 mph.It starts ok ,most of the time.the pickup is slow but it is only 2hp and i weigh 210 lbs.So far I think its ok.If any one has comments or info E mail me.

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Island Hopper VIPER (bicycle motor) - by BYRON THOMASON
This is Byron in Indianapolis. I am having the time of my life with this motorized bike of mine. People are actually stopping me to find out where I got this thing. I write your phone and e.mail on a piece of paper and carry it in my wallet. Last night a guy and his girlfriend stopped me in their SUV and wanted to know info about where they can get a hold of a bike motor like mine. I just reached in my wallet and gave them the slip of paper . Oh,yeah, I also write the web site too. Roger, I`m very happy with your motor. The mechanism functions as you promised. It really got power. It accelerates me up hill and I weigh 243lbs, I`ve had it up to 26mph and there was a little R.P.M to be had. But, I`ve deceided I`m gonna do a steady 20 mph cruising speed for longevity of the engine. The reason why I decided to talk about your engine and add my comment in this review colunm is because, the `viper engine` has held up since I bought it from you last year and I ride it daily with the exception of extreme weather. Roger,this little 2hp has a lot of muscle and it has proven it self to me over this past year, in fact, it surpassed my expectations. I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a bicycle motor. If anyone out there wants to e.mail me about Island Hopper motor, please do so, and I`d be happy to let you know about my good experiences with this motor.
I will write my reviews as time progresses with my motor and let you know how its holding up.


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Viza Viper (goped) - by Jacob Jones
Hi, this scooter rocks, I have had it for a year, and I am so happy. It is so much better than that POS go-ped, it has a chain drive system, pneumatic tires, and a better engine, none of that dirt contamination crap, this is so worth the extra little money.

Jacob Jones

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VIPER by Island Hopper (bicycle motor) - by Robert Botta

From: Robert Botta

I recently bought a Viper Bicycle engine kit from Island Hopper, the 49cc`s 2hp. As soon as got it, I pulled it out of the box and couldn`t believe how beatiful and well made it was. Frankly, I thought I was gonna see a weedeater strapped to frame and a bunch of nuts and bolts with an instruction manual. That wasn`t the case.
The engine kit had a few nuts and bolts an easy to follow picture installation manual. It took me appx 20minutes to install, because I had to remove my rear fender and my home made rear basket, otherwise I could have been done with it much sooner. Anyways, I was now ready to go for my first ride.
My, friend stood there waiting for me to start it up. I pushed down the chock,and pulled the cord once,twice and the third time the engine started and you could hear that Roar that meant business. A few seconds latter, I got on it and went for a spin around the block, it was the most exihilarating ride I`ve had in years, That engine was just awesome, I was realy moving and I mean moving, I weigh 250lbs and that BEASSST didn`t care, I took it up hill and it did real good. I am just overjoyed and impressed with its performance and guts, Oh, my top speed 28mph, not bad for a little 2 cycle engine. Infact, I will refer to it fom now on as `The Beast`
THANKS ISLAND HOPPER, you made me very happy , You guys got a great product.
I highly recommend the Viper to any one looking to get a bike engine
Robert Botta.

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