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Eton matrix 150 (scooter) - by Jen
I love my Piglet but it is hard to start. Today, however, I want to run it off a cliff. I jumped the battery, put new gas in it, and will only stay started if the choke is all the way open. When did let go of the choke & give it gas, it dies. Every. Single. Time. Any ideas on what is wrong with my Piglet??

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Juiced Riders (electric bicycle) - by Jennifer
I started researching electric bikes a couple months ago, because I was looking for a cheaper, more eco-friendly method of transportation around town than a car. I ended up ordering a OKD U500 V2 from Juiced Riders, which is a company based in San Diego. I must say, I could not be more pleased with my choice.

After poking around on their website after reading several very positive reviews, I filled out a contact form asking some questions. Within hours, the owner of Juiced Riders responded, actually with more information than I`d asked for! He maintained a prompt, informative email correspondence with me throughout my month or so of researching ebikes.

The ODK U500 is a beautifully-designed electric cargo bike. It appealed to me largely because it has a longer range than many other ebikes on the market, as well as having a more powerful engine and battery. It only has a twist throttle mode (no pedal assist), but you can still pedal along with it quite easily to help up hills and such. I get probably around 40 or 45 miles per charge most of the time, with speeds upwards of 20mph.

This is an absolutely fantastic bike. It doesn`t have a lot of the more frilly features that some other bikes have, but its simplicity is part of its beauty. It`s functional, durable, and wonderfully fun and easy to ride. It`s made by a company that really stands behind its product and really goes the extra mile (pun intended) in terms of customer service.

On top of how wonderful it is, it`s also worth mentioning that this bike is an excellent value. It`s not the least expensive ebike, but it`s also not nearly the most expensive. Most other bikes in its price range don`t even come close to giving you the same level of funtionality and quality. After tax and shipping, I spent less than $2grand on this bike (I purchased a 2013 model at a discount), which I feel is a steal, especially considering how much money I`m saving on gas and/or bus fare.

This is a wonderful bike to use as a substitute for a car for transportation and errands around town. I bungeed a plastic eggcrate to the rear rack, which works great as a lightweight, cost-effective little cargo trunk for groceries or whatever else I need to carry. With some footholds and a cushion on the back, this bike could even carry another child or small-ish adult passenger!

Highly recommended!

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Golden Eagle (bicycle motor) - by Alan Moore
After using the Golden Eagle belt drive kit for three years I tired of the constant repairs needed to keep the bicycle running. The belt and spindle drive wear out quickly, the entire motor would rotate on the spindle hub, spindle drive bearings wearing out, the RED MAX Komatsu is a good engine but a 52mm clutch is just too small. The kit is grossly overpriced for what you get. The Staton chain drive kit is about the same price and the ultimate is durability. I should not have wasted the money on the Golden Eagle kit and purchased the Staton. I have had the Staton kit for two years now and beat the hell out of the bike on dirt roads, fractured the bicycle frame twice but the Staton drive system has yet to have any problemsgreen

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Cozybike (moped) - by jblett@yahoo.com
DO NOT Order this bike. We were a little suspect when they wouldn`t take credit cards, but we trusted they were a reputable company. We ordered the bike over 2 months ago and have not heard anything from the company. No reply to any emails. No respond to requests on the status of the order. STAY AWAY!

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