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Avanti Autopower (moped) - by Ken
9/25/01: I`ve had my Autopower for 5 months now and have ridden it a little over 500 miles without a second of trouble. Nothing has come loose or broken and it runs better all the time. At first I thought it was a little buzzy, especially above 35 mph, but it gets smoother as it gets more miles on it. I`m using 50-1 oil in it now and it runs about 42 mph on the level. Mileage is not what they advertise, I get about 90 mpg, but I run hard most of the time. The more I ride it the better I like it. Ken

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Avanti Autopower (moped) - by Ron
I have had the Autopower for about 3 weeks. I have been riding it everywhere. I have put about 300 miles on it and have had no problems. I also found the cheepest place to buy them. Haggerstown MD. I paid less than $900, new, with turnsignals. Best moped I have ever ridden. I average 35 mph and can get up to 40-42 on flats, I commute with it 20 miles a day and have only used about 2 gallons of fuel. Well worth the money spent.

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Avanti Autopower (moped) - by Ken
I`ve been riding my autopower for two weeks now and still think it`s a great bike---but, if I were to do it over I think I`d order the Kosmo with kick start and no pedals. It also comes with two mirrors, turn signals and an even better seat, for about $165.00 more. Just my personal view.
One more thing, I`m not selling Avanti`s, I just like mine.

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Avanti Autopower (moped) - by Chris
I agree that Avanti Autopower is one of the best bikes out there. It has the power to carry a larger person of 200 plus pounds. I average 38-40mph on slight hill and 42-45 on flat roads. I bought mine from Ken at Mini-Trail Bikes in New Jersey, they were extremly helpful to make sure I got the right moped for me. Had it shipped to Portland, Oregon and I added the liquids and away I rode, haven`t driven my car since - even in the rain.

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