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Golden eagle (bicycle motor) - by wes thornton
i put over 3K miles on the redmax/zenoah engine, using their old and new style drive rings. this is a pretty good design, but with some drawbacks. the ring should really be attached to the spokes with screwdown brackets as the `whizzer` style uses. there is constant upkeep with the ring moving and spoke breakage with constant moving stress. a more powerful engine would be more stress. maybe with their wheel in 12gauge 36spoke i wouldn`t have any problems. the engine does sit away from center line quite a bit. this being said, i still had a lot of fun, good commute miles and they are a supportive good company, and i`m sure there design will continue to evolve.

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Golden Eagle (bicycle motor) - by Joe
This are good kits but, you will need to invest $$$ in high speed spindles, bearings & last but most important DISC BRAKES /Hubs. This kit installed on my mountainbike goes almost 40mph on the street! If you rely on the standard brakes of most bikes you will end up hurt...or worse! Be smart, do your homework on road safety.

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Golden Eagle (moped) - by Dennis
Why an Eagle. They are the leader in bicycle assist engines. They have the best warranty (1) full year,on parts and labor. They are only 25.4cc with a 50:1 oil mix carb tier II. strato charged two barral injection,chrome imp.bore floating needle bearings on crank and rod, truely a state of the art Hi-Tec engine. They are built for extended life use with a bonded clutch. They also have a additional silencer that dosent slow them down as some bicycle engine co. would think. But after reading their evualation of small engines.But with the friction drive and some of the makeshift chain drive systems,they need 49cc,s and still trail behind the Eagle. Check reviews on the Golden Eagle These are real reviews from many riders around the world. Comuters,sport riders ,crosscountry riders, older,younger and handicaped. Easy to ride, Easy to install,environmental friendly,quiet. WWW.bikeengines.com

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Golden eagle (moped) - by Jonathan Swift
Again, If I could have done this in one pass , I would have
but I guess I cant. Golden Eagle is super easy to install, but is not suitable for every day heavy use.
Staton is a pain in the ass to install, but is heavy and is suitable for everyday transportation. Sorry Golden Eagle. If this site had allowed me to post as originally, your review would have been better

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