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Cozybike - by jblett@yahoo.com
DO NOT Order this bike. We were a little suspect when they wouldn`t take credit cards, but we trusted they were a reputable company. We ordered the bike over 2 months ago and have not heard anything from the company. No reply to any emails. No respond to requests on the status of the order. STAY AWAY!

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Tomos - by Steve (again)
Well, my 2008 Tomos LX now is approaching 29,000 miles, and it still is running great! Aside from fixing the normal maintenance things (new tires, new chain and sprockets as wear dictates), I`ve replaced the clutch shoes twice during that distance, with about half the lining worn off each time I did the change. The second clutch replacement was needed because one of the clutch shoes had broken, so I had to get into the transmission anyway. And back around 20,000 miles I had to replace a little spring clip in the transmission assembly. Minor repairs -- replacing light bulbs as needed, once had to replace brake light switch on brake levers. It`s a great machine, insanely fun to ride. My most recent gas mileage average was 109.8 measured over about 2500 miles.

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Cozy Bike - by Mike S
I purchased a cozy bike and love it. The only thing I don`t like is the booklet that came with it is useless if you want to look up how to replace bulbs, wires, etc. Does anyone know it there is a real manual for this bike? Please contact me if you know of any. Thanks


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Tomos - by Steve
I have a 2008 Tomos LX with 17,000 miles. It`s great! Maintenance is easy. I am getting 110 mpg (2000-mile average). The stock bikes will get just over 100 mpg. The A55 engine is very durable.

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