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Yamaha Zuma II - by Benjamin L. (anonymous)

I have purchased my scooter in march of 1999, now it has over 1000 miles on it, so far so good. No problems at all, relatively large tires allow for great cornering. It has 50CC two stroke, 6.8 bhp according to european specs, in other words plenty of power for this type of machine. Top speed is about 45MPH, well capable of two-up riding. Gas milage is not that great, only around 62-70 mi/gal, which limits you to only ~70 miles of fun between fuel stops. Overall I would say this is the best 50CC scooter you can buy in US for less than $2000, but definitely not better than some Italian competitors like Aprilia, Gilera ets. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at LEEYURI@aol.com

Benjamin L.

Another Yamaha Linhai review - by Mike Wilson

I just purchased one of these fine cadillacs of a moped for my wife and it is well worth the money considering the competition in it's class and price range. I had the honor of riding it before I purchased it, and I was impressed with the comfort suspesion and easy take offs, all you could want in a alternate form of transportation the body styling is arrow dynamic (smooth cuts) I urge anyone who is looking for a step above the rest to test drive one and you'll be convinced.This great scooter also has enough room in front (leg space) to fit the shortest to the tallest.

Honda Aero/Elite review - by Andy

I own 2 honda's an 87 aero and a 94 elite, both have 72cc bore kits, no pedals or chains or maintenance just pure power, honda is the king of all mopeds.

Another Kasea 50b review - by Todd Petrignani

I bought off some kid for 400.00 and its the smoothes running thing that I have ever rode. It beat my friends tomos targa up a hill The only thing though I wish it had a little bit more ground clearance. It has folding pedals so its a moped. I wold recommend this bike to nybody under 150lbs if you want the bike to pull you up hills pretty good.

Kasea 50b scooter - by Gregj53@home.com

Do not buy this bike if you even plan on going over alot of steep driveway curbs. Does about 30MPH until some leaves somehow got into it and it wont go past 20 and if you juice it all it does is poop.

Linhai Yamaha scooter - by Thomas Sanderson

This great 50cc scooter is probably the fastest stock 50cc made and will do over 50mph!! out of the box!! Runs very smooth and is much bigger than any other model of 50cc I have seen. Very plush riding suspension and good looks. This scooter comes with a governor which will make it top out at over 40mph if you plug it in. It is also well equipped for a rear passenger and has ample space to store a helmet under the seat. Runs very smooth and quiet. You won't believe the power!! All this for only $1399!!

The Kasea 50B scooter - by Dan Steeby

My girlfriend's dad bought her a new Kasea scooter for her graduation present, as we will be moving to Olympia, Washington in a couple of months so I can finish up my bachelor's degree. He figured it would be good to have, since we only have one car and Olympia is a relatively small town. Well, that was two weeks ago and we've already put a couple hundred miles on it! It's so simple to run, I just got on it and went! I'd never driven any sort of motorcycle prior to this or anything! This ranks up on my cool-o-meter right up there with my PC (a ten)!

Kasea Scooter

I called the store, asking the usual question: "Do you sell mopeds ?". To my surprise, the guy on the other end said yes. So, I hopped into my car and went to check it out. There it was on the street - small, red, and not a moped at all, but scooter. "Well", thought I, "since I am here anyway, why not give it a try ?".

The salesman made be put on a helmet, explained how scooter works (this took 2 minutes) and I was ready to go. I turned on the motor and took my feet of the ground. For a second I was sure I was gonna fall, but as soon as I pressed gas, the stability returned and off I went!

The scooter felt light, fast and incredibly manevourable (one day I'll lookup this word in the dictionary, every time I spell it, I get stuck). I had great fun riding it back and forth around the parking lot, but then it was time to return. So I did.

My opinion is - if you don't care about how you look on a tiny scooter and can find a good deal, buy it!

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