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Scooter-Pro review

Scooter-Pro review

I've seen this little guy before and quite honestly I didn't see the attraction. "It's light!" - "So?" "It's folding!" - "What's the big deal?"

Then, today, I was at Walgreens and I saw a Scooter-Pro proudly sitting on the shelf. It was small, shiny and seemed to beg for my attention. I approached and lifted it - indeed, it was very, very light. Next thing I knew, I took it for a spin around the store. When I returned, cashier and manager looked pretty annoyed, but I was convinced - I had to have it!

While I rode, it seemed like there was nearly no friction - almost like with a Hover Board that Marty McFly had in "Back to the Future 2".

Right after I left the store, I've put the scoot in working order (takes less a minute) and began riding it in a parking lot. After avoiding a near collision I was pleased to learn that it actually has a break on the back wheel :)

Later that day I stopped by my friend Yuri's house to show him the new toy. We went outside and continued riding. Our findings were:

  1. Scooter-Pro is very exciting to ride downhill (though a little scary at first).
  2. The smoother the pavement, the better it works.

So, I have a new friend - Scooter-Pro, which joined my growing collection (2 mopeds, 3 bicycles and 1 Bike Machine).