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Just got the following letter today. Any thoughts/comments ?
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Date: 13 Nov 1999 06:47:01 -0800
From: law office < lawfirm@justice.com >
To: andy@moped2.org
Subject: Legal action may be pending against you

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that you are publishing prices (and incorrect
prices) for NEW mopeds to be sold in various States of the United States.

PLEASE BE ADVISED, unless you are a licensed AUTOMOTIVE DEALER, you appear to
be violating FEDERAL and STATE laws by publishing prices for NEW mopeds for

PLEASE BE ADVISED, as you may believe you may be helping the "moped industry in
the U.S." -- you are actually hurting the industry: (1) with prices that
eliminate profit margin (2) with prices that are false (3) with prices that
promote monopoly (FEDERAL ANTI-TRUST VIOLATION) (4) with prices that are
published and false (which opens your liability to a LIBEL lawsuit), (5) with
prices that misinform consumers (6) with prices that are made by a non-licensed
automotive operation. There are many instances where you (and your publishing
[including a web page at "http://moped2.org/moped.htm"]) appear to be in
violation of FEDERAL and STATE laws.

PLEASE BE ADVISED, if the PRICE LISTINGS for NEW mopeds from your publishing
are not removed in a reasonable time after you receive this message; you and
your publishing are liable to legal action.
Appropriately legal complaints will be filed in FEDERAL and STATE courts.
Damages, court costs, attorney fees, injury to dealers and other agencies, loss
of profits, etc will be sought against you.

Thank you very much.
Have a good day.

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