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Why we are not Moped.com

Why we are not Moped.com

Back in 1996 I was procrastinating about registering the domain name - the process seemed mysterious and I didn't want to spend the money either. Now and then I'd check and see that moped.com is available. Then, in early 1997, I've found out that it's been taken. My first thought was "Cool, somebody launched a major moped site!". But then I went to http://moped.com and discovered that it's owned by domain resellers. This disappointed me, but also gave me a sense of urgency, so I registered moped2.org that same day.

Since then, I've been monitoring status of moped.com. It's been offline for 2 years and when it's contract expired in 1999, I've contacted Network Solutions, asking if I could take over. They said: "Nope, the registrant just renewed the contract". That didn't make sense to me - if nobody bought in domain in 2 years, what are the resellers hoping for ? Later in the year, I've contacted them to see if I can exchange it for my http://catalogsfree.com domain (result of unsuccessfull business venture) - no luck, they stood firm.

Finally, in April 2000, I asked them, how much they actually want for moped.com. The answer was: "While our company has plans, it would consider a solid six figure offer USD for its domain's transfer." Argh!!! I seriously doubt that they really have plans - domain has been idle for almost 3 years now - but I also get the feeling that they'll keep holding on to it until somebody wants it badly enough to pay this much.

Well, at least, when this happens, I'll know that mopeds are back in the spotlight - and thus, my mission has been accomplished!


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