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I've stopped by the Sharper Image store and looked at this motor. Here's few things I found out:
  • Even though the box talks about "belt drive", it's actually a friction drive. They say that the motor is not affected by the weather - I am not sure how that can be.

  • The motor attaches to the steering wheel via quick release mechanism. They say it takes 20 seconds to install (!). If this is indeed the case, this opens a room for new possibilities. For example, you can keep this motor handy in a car, together with a folding bike. Then, depending on where you are going, you can ride your bike the normal way or quickly add the motor.

  • Another name of this engine is Zeta III - not sure if it's related to the older Zeta motors.

  • The box says it will not work with bikes that have front suspension - unfortunate, since two of my main bikes do have it.

25 Aug 2000
More findings:

  • This motor *is* related to the original Zeta - it is also designed by the Sinclair Research of U.K. It is distributed by the Excalibur Electronics and manufactured in China.

  • The motor is meant to be used as pedal assist only - in fact, the manual states that if you try to ride using the motor power only, it may trip the safety feature and disconnect for a minute.

  • Headlight is integrated into the unit - pretty good idea!

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