Why choose a moped?

Why choose a moped over a...
  • ... bicycle.
    No clear winner here. Both have their unique strengths. When I want to ride trails, I use my mountain bike. When I drive in a car and see a nice place for riding, I take my folding bicycle out of the trunk. But when I simply feel like cruising, lifting my spirits and enjoying the wind on my face - then I choose moped.
  • ... motorcycle
    Right before I bought my Tomos moped, I decided to give motorcyles a serious try. What I found out was, they are heavy, even the small ones. Turning motorcycle around required pretty elaborate procedure. And speed shifting/clutch as well as engine dying and unexpected wheelies were enough to drive me crazy. The next day I bought moped and never looked back.
  • ... scooter
    Well, for me it was a matter of appearance - I liked the way moped looked better. Note - I am talking about scooters available in the U.S.A. (Kasea and 'hardly latest and greatest' Yamaha and Honda models). In Europe and Japan the situation would be different - they have some amazing looking scoots.
  • ... car
    When it's raining or I have to go across town, car is the only choise. But some days are just too nice to be couped up. Sun shines, trees are green and life is wonderful. These are the Moped Days!!!

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